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    • Poor customer service 88
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    • Customer service 35

I was told that my bill would be adjusted in January 2016 by ATT personal at the local location, they adjusted my bill with Uverse then, Uverse sent me to collections. AT&T washed there hands of it. Then I went with Direct TV, called in to complain about my bill, they told me they would handle it. They didn't. Not only that but I called several times to get rude people on the phone, who didn't take notes and when I asked for a supervisor I... Read more

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I had Direct TV installed in December 2015. Since that time, my TV service has worked very poorly. I have 5 TV's and must reboot every TV daily for operation. The volume stops every 15/20 minutes. The TV freeze every 30 minutes. This is every TV in the house. I'm currently, working with a speciality team with Direct TV. I've been told it's a software issue and may be resolved sometime in the future. Again, my technical problems started the day... Read more

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I've been a customer of Direct TV for over eight years. At the start, they had the best customer service group, was voted #1. Now, they are a part of AT&T, they have now inherited their customer service processes, which is the WORSE it the world. First, you have to go through their ridiculous and annoying menus where this *** recording tries to determine why you're calling, which takes you at least 3-4 times repeating it to their machine. I... Read more

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My issue with Direct TV is the cost versus advertised cost. OK my special is over I get that. But how come my $89 package costs me $117.00. You charge for a tv. If I didn't have a tv I wouldn't need you. And all the extras and I don't mean sports or entertainment. Who are all those people after my money? You just say nothing we can do about that. Why doesn't my $89 package cost $89 and I've been a customer for over 20 years. Where I live I have... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Was a customer for over 3 years and was charged a termination fee because I moved. Customer service had me on & off of hold for 45 mins and a supervisor ended up doing nothing for me. No incentive to ever be a direct tv customer again. Read more

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  • 19 hours ago
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Direct tv called today and thanked me for being a customer. Said they were giving us showtime at no cost. They've added charges to my acct. Contacting CFPB tomorrow and cancelling dtv service. Don't take their calls. Slamming is illegal.

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Worst customer service ever! On hold or speaking to a rep for over 1 hour and 35 minutes. Spoke to 3 different customer service reps, 1 wouldn't respond when asked any question, 1 hung up on me and the last one final answered the simple question I called about. Then finally got a supervisor on the phone at 1 hour and 20 minutes into 3 calls and they wouldn't even offer any sort of rectification only to apologize and say they will make sure it is... Read more

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I would to say that directv does not go the extra mile for their customers. They preach about being all for the customers and helping them in need , well good luck with that!!! Everytime I have had a problem whether it be billing service or other problems they always seem to say there is no way that they can help you. Even when you talk to a manager. Unfortunately I'm stuck with them for the time being!! Read more

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Wow not sure where to even start. First off ordered direct tv. Took three frickin hours to set up my with my order got offered a tablet i accepted but then found out they never ordered it. Next.... installer came out and decided that there was a tree in the way(not big deal, was.getting trimmed next month) rescheduled only to find out internet would not rescedule. Had to cancel whole order, called back same day to reorder and now... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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If u like infomercials and same movies shown month after month then direct tv is for u .

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