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No Direct TV for NFL championships. Another failure due to technical issues. Obviously a clueless business! After attempting to file a complaint via a phone call and getting transferred to multiple excuse makers, I was never given a reason why there was no local coverage. First person referred to local blackouts which do not exist during championships when no local teams are involved. Next excuse involved a local broadcasting problem with makes... Read more

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  • 10 hours ago
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Terrible customer service and long wait times to speak to a representative

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Directv - Dish leak in my roof
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since October I've have had 5 people to see the water damage from the dish. attached are pictures and all have agreed the damage from the dish. the frustration is after that I cannot get anybody to take it to the next level of compensation to the major damage. you guys subbed it out to a company called MasTec, than I'm told its pushed out to a company called Aztex. I spoke to a guy called Tom at 214-782-6856 from DIRECTV with no help at all. out... Read more

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I ordered DirecTV and subscribed to every premium channel they offered. A year later, I was surprised to see a bill over $60 higher than my agreed-up rates for the service. When I called their Customer Service, I was informed that I had been given a discount for the previous year which had now expired. I told them to come pick up the equipment as this was never addressed when I enrolled. Instead, the CSR found a special rate I could have for 6... Read more

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  • 13 hours ago
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Get this filth off. Vice goes or we do.

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Our neighbor had Directv installed in St. Petersburg, FL in Jan 2017. Their installer used our pick-up bed as an ash tray and put trash in our recycle bin. When I called to complain they said they couldn't look up which tech it was by the address it was installed at and would need the account owner to call and register a complaint instead. I spoke to Mariah in Tech Support who felt it would be better if I complained via blog instead of her... Read more

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We ordered a movie at 5 o'clock Event Horizon. The movie started but it was a different movie but the title was Event Horizon. So we figured it was a technical issue so I called your customer service and they said we ordered the movie sold an hour earlier and then we ordered Event Horizon. I explained to the lady that I only ordered once it's the wrong movie but the correct title and it's the movie that they said we ordered previously sold which... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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My remote won't work most of the time,when I install new batteries it works about 12 hours then same problem, called and requested new remote that told me to get one at Walmart or Best Buy they don't send them out. What? This is their product not Walmarts or Best Buy..calling again tlmorrow.

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After being a good customer for over 10 years I wanted to add a tv. Was told in order to add a tv some equipment would be needed and in order to get it I would have to review my agreement and sign up for a new 24 month agreement. Where is customer support and trust, instead it's all about money! Feel like I am being held captive to expand my service since I was told any new equipment add on requires this 24 month renewal. Since they are asking... Read more

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my display on the guide or the display on the red button on the weather channel wasn't the way it should be.I called directv and what a nite-mare to get got thru and it wasn't the good support we had in the past.the poor girl tried but I was having a hard time to understand sounds as if since at+t got into the picture that they mabey have shipped overseas.what a time with what was once a very good co.Time... Read more

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