Monterey Park, California
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I invited 6 people for dinner & a movie on my new $3,000 3 D TV. With the new but horrible whole house genie. When we sat down to watch the movie my TV had a message" not authorized for service" . Now the evening went to ***! I said " they will have it fixed in no time" (old Direct TV). I have been with them over 20 years. If you had a problem they fixed it. Now not so much...they are not about customer service at all! I spent 2.5 hours on the phone doing the same things multiple times to Finally be transferred to "card replacement". This was only 30 minutes to find out they would snail mail me a new card. After all this one was 3 weeks old. Now 4 days later, I receive no new card but an empty box to send back the old DVR. WTF?

Apparently real priority for them. Being able to watch TV not so much. I called & was told the empty box comes FedEx, but, the new card USPS. May never get here! Mt guests were all glad to not have Direct TV. Now I can't even get out of my lousy 2 year contract. I must pay $100.

The whole house genie sucks anyway! You can't sink your TVs so watching the same program in two rooms is a problem. They are just about charging a fortune & delivering horrible service! They must pay minimum wage & have people with very low IQ's trying to guess what to do! They are almost as bad as Verizon phone service!

Monetary Loss: $100.

  • Minimum wage
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I hope for your sake the $100 is all you have to pay.


Apparently not. They say $400. Friday & still no access card!