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Directv in Livingston, New Jersey - DirectTV - Death certificate on NON-ACCT HOLDER

DirectTV shut off service to 2 tv's and left one on, after "someone" sent them a copy of a death certificate on someone ELSE that died 4 months PRIOR to my step-mother, who was NEVER an account holder for DIRECTTV. They said it was the account holder (my dad), but would never read the name on the death certificate to me. The CR tried to deny it and said I misunderstood. After pressing her she said they did have a copy of a death certificate! Who is TROLLING for death certificates and giving them to DirectTV? They said today to send email thru their site, but that thing acts like it never send any msg. Tried at least 5 times.
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Directv in El Paso, Texas - Direct tv ripoff?

Be very careful when dealing with direct tv. I was told that my rate would be around $30/mo and that there would be a slight increase after 1 year on a 2 year contract. Maybe it is a slight increase to Bill Gates, but it went to $80 per month. When I called to disconnect, I was told that there would be a disconnection fee that ammounted to $80/ month for the next 11 months, (until the 2 years ended). Now they refuse to send me a box to return THEIR equipment that conked out with 2 weeks left. I was told it would be deilvered promptly, and was also told that if the equipment does not get back to them by 2 weeks after contract expiration, I will be charged an additional fee between $200-$300 for failing to do so. I plan on returning to DirectTV as soon as Thomas Jefferson rises from the grave and asks, "what the heck are you doing to my country?"
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Be sure to get a tracking # so you can prove they got the equipment

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Directv in Caldwell, Kansas - Technical support

the first question you ask when calling in, is what language you speak. then when someone gets on the line they can't be understood or don't speak plainly for us common folks. now i know everybody should have a chance, but i was the guy with the problem. if you went to a doctor with a problem, you would surely want to understand what he told you, so you get over it without additional problems. will keep trying to hold my patience when calling---- otherwise, i am still ok with direct tv as we have been with them for over 10 years.
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Going back to the end of October 2011 when Directv had their issue with Fox, i had decided that i would change suppliers if Directv where no longer going to carry. I really did not want the hassle of changing providers however living without Fox Soccer Channel was not...
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Directv Act # 6903xxxx

NY Dept of Consumer Protection Investigating Directv Again

I was fraudulently charged $3,259.47 through recurring bill pay and not allowed to terminate account despite four phone calls and a letter

I was a loyal Directv customer since 2001 and held this account since 2007.

In July 2009 I moved to my current address and utilized the Mover's Connection. Service technicians came to my building two times in July 2009 and were unable to get a signal and I was told the account would be closed out by the supervisor who left with my set top receiver and satellite dish.

The account was not properly disconnected by Directv.

I began getting billed to my debit card so I called Directv and spoke to their disconnect service and requested over the phone to end the account four separate times in 2009. Dtv has acknowledged records of the these conversations with their disconnect service phone line. Their account supervisor refused to close the account because the receiver had not been returned by their service technician. I then wrote Directv a letter on December 7, 2009 to end the account and refund the charges because I did not receive service at the new address beginning in July 2009.

I was told that the set top receivers are refurbished and would have to pay a $400 fee for the missing receiver, though it was taken by directv. I refused to pay the $400 fee. They said the billing would stop once it hit $400 to pay for the missing receiver. The billing did not stop.

I received some credits to my account in November, 2009. Later, they added extra sports packages such as the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL League Pass, which were not ordered. I was erroniously and fraudulently charged $3,259.47 over this time through a recurring automated payment. On January 4, 2014 the account was finally closed out.

Account supervisor Heather in the Alabama office (badge #442097) apologized profusely for all of the errors and promised a full refund. She contacted the Office of the President to find out if the refund would be one check or debited for each of the fraudulent charges. On January 6. 2014 the corporate office informed me they could not afford to refund that amount of money and only debited back two months of charges.

With a quick google search, there are many other people who have the same disconnect problems and recurring debit issues with Directv. They have been sued and lost in Washington, Colorado, and other states.

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Directv in Seattle, Washington - Early cancellation fee

I was living in a apt. complex that allowed Direct tv satalite services. I lost my job in Sept 2011,living on unemployment than & now..before I had lost my job had sighned up for the 2yr. agreement over the phone. I was in the process of transferring all services to a less costly Apt complex,not in any agreement (rental) that I could not have a satalite service. On the day that Direct tv Installer came to set up the landlord informed him & myself that he was not allowed to set-up the dish ontop of the Roof or any where on the primeses, I had alresdy sighned the physical agreement for him to set-up. I contacted Direct tv customer service to inform them of my delima,and was told that a specialist would contact me. I recieceved a bill and conclusion that I had "Early cancellation Fee" of $420.00, After credits for Install charges ECT>>( I say only) $211.61 for what??? I'm paying for the next 1 YEAR of service contract!!!! I have nothing to show for what they want to bill me for !! Bull cr......p. Sending a bill despute to them for something I can't afford along with nothing to show for it!!!
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If I were you,I'd send DTV an Email and tell them you want to use the Arbitration process for this.Communicate only through Email with them because you will want to keep proof of everything they say to you.If you used your credit card with them,you can dispute the charges but there is no guarantee the charges will not be reapplied after your credit card's investigation is final.I'd recommend closing the cc after the money is replaced in your account to prevent this..if you used your bank change account #'s. I do not believe you should have to pay for this as it was beyond your control.


:grin thanks for the input,I agree on the over the Phone contract!!


I totally sympathize with your predicament. Although my story is not as severe, I too have issues with Direct TV.

We lost Fox and FX for a while not too long ago, then lost NBC for over two weeks. Also, on my main tv, I have endless issues with SUPER slow reaction. It can take more than 30 seconds to change channels - sometimes more. I have complained about these things, but if I chose to cancel, they will charge me $120.

If the service sucks, why should I be forced to keep it?!!

They say the fee will go on my cc if I don't pay the bill, but the can't get away with it if I don't authorize the charge. Screw them, I'll dispute the charge to the end!!!


Personally i think these contracts should be illegal. They hide behind them to blackmail you and administer *** service.

They are also quite deceitful in how they go about getting you to extend your contract. They aren't regulated enough and they are screwing honest people up and down the country.

I know this doesn't really help you but keep trying to get them to be reasonable, maybe you'll get someone who is decent. Also i would make sure they where the last to get paid.

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Directv in Elkhorn, Nebraska - New potential customer

First I'm really disappointed in dtv one month ago I bought a house now dtv is telling me I need a 200 dollar start up fee cause I have bad credit plus I was left on hold for 15 mins in the middle of applying I wanted dtv but if this the way you treat potential customers forget it I was very upset and I do not appreciate being talked to as if I was a child I am a 49 year old women married 29 years so if you can fix things maybe the next customer won't get mad
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read the other complaints on this site,they too got ripped off by DTV.Consider yourself lucky that you did not get their service because DTV does not return deposits!

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Directv in Washington, District Of Columbia - Directtv ripped me off

my husband got directtv back in november has payed the bill on time every month we recently moved and transfered our service and found out that we couldn't get service where we live because we have to many trees. We were told that we would get our deposit back plus the moving fee. My husband just found out that we can't not be refunded that the money is lost. That is corporates way of saying we ripped you off. We were told by two different people that we would be refunded in full. BULL ***!!!!!!!!!!! God Bless corporate america
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Directv in Overland Park, Kansas - Direct tv sucks!

This company does not back up any of their mistakes or promises. I will be leaving as soon as my contract is up and hope nobody else gets treated the way I did or do! If you start any service with this company make sure they send the right amount of receivers promised cause if you wait to long or don't know whY your getting into they will take full advantage of your mistakes! My reciever has been slow so they sent me a new one after numerous phone calls. I went to hook it up and they wanted me to pay my passed do bill that I haven't even received yet and has nothing to do with my broken reciever that I've had to deal with in th meantime. I think they owe me money for having to deal with this!
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You didn't say how long you have been with DTV before you got the new receiver.Hopefully, it did not extend your contract with them for another 2 yrs. You are absolutely right "They will take advantage of you in every way they can"


Please let me know how u feel or if you agree!

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Directv in Laredo, Texas - Direct TV Lied

We had been Direct TV customers for years. Knowing we were going on our retirement trip we called Direct TV to get info to make a decision on either canceling our service completely or just putting it on hold until we returned. We were told we could put it on hold for 6 months and then call again to renew the hold for an additional 3 months. Why should we pay between $111 a month for something we are using. In January I called to confirm we were not yet back (6mths) and wanted to renew the hold until the end of March. NO they would not do it. So I said then close the account and I would just reinstate it upon our return. Now they are charging me $275 for equipment, that is in CA and I am right now in MS. They are willing to loose a customer for future years for a 3 month hold. Obviously, they are not very good at customer service and could care less about continuing customers.
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Directv in Mooresville, North Carolina - Direct tv

We signed up with direct tv and got bundled without being asked with windstream. had to change our phone number of 22 years. now they are going up so much on our bill, i callled today and new customers get lower rates than loyal customers, i was told nothing could be done and if we switched services we could not come back to direct for 2 years. we live on a fixed income as my husband had a stroke and we cannot afford a higher bill but they do not care, i even told the rep i would change to dish network and that did not make a difference
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