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Directv in Atlanta, Georgia - Direct TV.....consumer nightmare

My defective dvr box took 3 phone calls to get replaced. Additionally I inquired about their advertisement that HD boxes were no longer an additional charge. After spending 40 minutes on the phone with their representive to get a replacement box and inquring about an upgrade on an additional box which I was ASSURED would not involve an extension of contract (I can't count the days until I can cancel without an early termination fee). Once connected with the verify customer svc person, was told the new box would mean a 2 year contract extension; I informed them to cancel the order. I was informed they couldn't do it ( 5 minutes had elasped). I would have to return the box or refuse receipt and then my money (ship and handle $21) would be refunded. Lesson learned...they give bad information and then WILL NOT stand behind their product. DO SIGN UP W/DIRECT TV if you value your sanity!!
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Directv in Las Vegas, Nevada - Direct TV & Sams Club-Won't honor $100 referral program

We signed up for Direct TV at our local Sam's Club in Las Vegas, Nevada. My brother has Direct TV in another state and gave us his account number and told us we could each get $100 if we say he referred us. The account rep for Direct TV confirmed that we would each get the $100 referral in about 8 weeks on our bill. I had him write this on our contract. Well it has been over 10 months and we have not seen a dime. When we call Direct TV they said we must go through the company from Sams. When we talk to the company from Sams Club they make some calls and assure us they will take care of it, but nothing has been done. They are not honorable and will say anything to get you to sign up. I am totally disgusted by their run around.
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Sure you could have just used your friends account number when signing up online but you would not have received as many discounts. Your friend just wants his referral money.

Compliance is very important to Smart Circle. You will find dishonest people in every business. The story about the secrete shopper experience is not something that Smart Circle would condone. The dishonest business owners are always removed.

There is no need to use tricks and gimmicks to sell the DirecTV product. The sales reps that have to resort to that kind of conduct are not genetically capable of doing sells as a profession and should pursue other careers. Please take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others for your short comings.

I will not sell to people that are only price oriented. DirecTV is sold on value. BMWs, Mercedes, Audi are sold on value. DirecTV is a premium service. People have cable and dish network because they are economically driven.

People always bash Smart Circle because they do not understand how business in general works. They have never run a business before or lack an understanding of what marketing companies do.

Have a great day!


Everyone who took time to find a complaint on how your service from direct tv is lacking due to a 3rd party setting you up.

I challenge you all to look up your competition complaints. You might realize you received the lesser of all the evils. Not only do you receive more HD channels than all the competition if you have HD tvs. DTV prices are better using Smart Circle at a retailer, and that person who signed you up puts everything in writing.

I think consumers need to start being grateful for the chance to get a upgrade and save money.

I read plenty of negative reports on both Time Warner and Uverse services. More and I mean alot more than DTV.

Reality check.. 9-10x you received a way better value than what you had in the past or what you currently were thinking of changing..

Bottom line stop whining about the small stuff.. No one is perfect, but DTV is way better than the other choices. Whether you get it from corporate or a retailer.. btw the retailer gives you a better deal..

your welcome


Your absolutely right!! Let me give you more info.

The people working in SAMS are "authorized retailers" for DTV. They dont actually work for them.The company is called "SMART CIRCLE" but every little branch off it creates a new name, for example I was under Don bankhead for BF Circle- Bankhead financial.. I use to work for them but I found out quickly(by my 3rd week) that its a huge scam! Pyrimid scheme!

We were brought to an office for "training" they bold face lied to us about everything from pay to what we tell our customers. Every morning we had pep rallys where they would tell us the rules and compliance. Then tell us how to get around the rules to scam sams club and best buys paying customers! They tell us if the customer dont ask then dont tell them.(ex: 24 months contract)I was secret shopped by my employer and cussed for telling my customers the truth.

I am not a scam artist and I think they should all be kicked outta sams and best buy. Shame on Sams Club and Best Buy for letting this go on!

But since they are making 300. for everyone the reps sign up I seriously doubt they will stop.

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We cancelled our Direct TV services January 2011. We had Comcast installed a couple of days later. In May 2011 we received a bill from DTV. We were very confused. We called and they said they had no record of us cancelling our services. Of course we were angry. ...
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I work next to their headquarters building, they even have half of the building I'm in and I swear half that company is from India. I heard most of them are on visas, don't get all the benefits an American would expect, and any problems or tort from one of those employees they are sent back as the company terminates them which revokes the persons visa.

Though they did have this young kid with a family fired from their lessor company for being illegal (bad publicity?).

I think a company that acts in this manner cares less about you and I (Americans) as this could be at least 100+ jobs going to local out of work US Citizens! I refuse to give DTV one cent of my money for this alone.

Thanks for your service btw, and sorry for my rant!

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Directv in New England, North Dakota - Direct TV lied again 12 month vs 24 obligation

After dumping Direct TV because they kept raising our rates, I made the mistake of signing back up when we moved to a new location, and were promised a $30/ month rate with only a year obligation. Direct TV again employed Bait & Switch marketing, which is illegal, but hard to prove. After the installer left, there was a piece of paper sent saying that we had a 24 month obligation. When confronted with this on the phone, I get the smoothly practiced line of "we are so sorry if you were misinformed, but our policy is...""...and there is nothing we can do about it" Well, the thing to do about it is dump them, and pay only what you were quoted by the representative, and NEVER do business with them again. It is a corporate culture of deceit and lying to the consumer that you are faced with, and no accountability between what the sales person promises you and what the corporate billing office does. Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware!! -Mike Egan in 02760 zip code
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I'm in the same boat... it's total BS but yet they continue to get away with it.

My bill doubled without warning and I got the old "Well YOU signed up for the agreement". I guess your salesperson's deception is my fault, huh?


The EXACT same thing happened to us!

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I tryed to sign up for direct tv's 50 channel plan last month over the internet, when I called to finish the set up I was talked into up grading my package because my recievers would all be included except for I would be charged a 7 dollar fee for dvr service...
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you can contact me I would like to be part of a class action - If I had known more about Direct TV and their customer service I would have never done business with them n never will again they are the worst.

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Directv in Brooklyn, New York - Direct TV Fraud

On 6/13 I contacted Direct TV about obtaining service, I spoke to a representative and was told if I am not satisfied I have 30 days to cancel so with that I went ahead and give him my C C information, I also informed him that i am only useing that card for that one time payment, in return he asured me that the card will not be keep on file. He asked me what kind of TV I have I told him I have HD TV's .On or about 6/15 a technician came and install a Direct TV box, I was not at home that day so was unable to give approveal or any authorization of service. When i returned home from work i noticed that they sent the wrong equipment. I was given a regular box and not an HD box even though i inform them that i have HD TV's. They sent me the wrong box. I was told that i will have to pay $199.00 plus tax for an HD box. As a result of this i became very upset. Why was I not told that before? Had i known that up front i would not have obtained the service of Direct TV. At his point i requested my service be cancelled. I was told i had to pay a cancellation fee of 450.00 keep in mind I sighned no authorization for service also Direct TV breached the agreement by giving me the wrong box. I contacted Direct TV on 6/20 to resolve the problum i was given the run around.I called on 7/12 spoke to two representative names Jane & Triston explaining my situation there only responce was i have to pay the cancelation fee of 450.00. If not paid in 20 days it ill be sent to collections.
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Directv in Bryan, Texas - Direct tv TTTT

Please Please Pease stop this add.not only does it perpetuate a stereotype between races, but between classes as well. Add message: I am super rich with an enterouge because I am more violent than the next 100 people you will meet.not only am I antisocial, but i get paid very well for it and guess what,, I'm teaching my 6 year old to suckerpunch subordinates, and act like the butler had it coming. let me tell you this; I belive Dr. King, Medker Evers,and Mrs. Parks roll in thies collective graves when this trash is paraded out 20 times a day, every day.
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Directv in Norfolk, Virginia - It is an offensive commercial.

It is a very offensive commercial. If the roles were reversed and a older white man punched a little black boy in the mid section there would rioting in the streets. I don't know what Direct TV was thinking playing that commercial on national television. It goes to show you that the creators have no imagination or enjoy *** people off. It really disrespects all white people. Not only does the commercial disrespects white people but it shows that all black people have no upbringing or home training. There are plenty black people out there that are really good people. This commercial disrespects both races. It should be pulled off the air.
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Directv in Saint Louis, Missouri - Withdrew payment that wasn't overdue without permission

We cancelled our Directv service 2 weeks ago...without our permission, and without notifying us in advance, they withdrew a payment 2 days ago that wasn't over due. If you are even considering going to Directv, I recommend you go another route...we chose Netflix at $8 per month versus over $100/month with Directv, and we get to actually watch only the movies we want...without paying for 247 channels we don't watch! We had been with Directv for 13 years...13 years...and decided to upgrade, much to our dislike, and our bill went from $59/month to over $100/month. They didn't hold up to their agreement that if we sign up for automatic payments they would withdraw it not before an agreed upon day...they were withdrawing payment over a week before they said they would...causing us to bounce checks because we didn't know they were doing this...received no email or phone call telling us they were going to withdraw our payment a week before it was due!!!! This company is very deceptive and will not answer any questions directly...they dance around subjects and issues that we wanted addressed, but refused to give us straight answers to our questions.
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DirecTV sales in Harrisburg pa/ ADCO

If you are interviewing for or currently working for ADCO or any other company owned by Brian Mcguigan run away now. this is a smart circle company ran by one of the worst people I have ever known. The company is a joke and the owner knows nothing about professionalism or respect. Brian Mcguigan is a power hungry child that will treat anyone like dirt to make a buck. I owned my own branch with this organization and left once I worked closely with Brian and saw how terrible of a person he was. If that is what is expected of an owner, then they can have it. You will sell dtv in a retail store for min wage or commission greater of the two. You will average about 3-4 hundred a week not the $750 Brian says. They do not have a good enough install team to handle the job so over half your sales will be wasted. In the meantime Brian Mcguigan will treat you like *** and expect you to thank him for your nonexistent opportunity. You will see his brother who works with him who has been in the business over 10 years and is still trying to establish his " opportunity ".
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