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DirecTV Rebate Scam

I signed up for the one year $29.99 "deal", then went online to complete the rebate form. They said it would take 2-3 months for the rebate to kick in. By the time it became apparent that the rebate had not been applied, it was beyond the 90 day rebate period. At first, DirecTV said they had no record of me applying for the rebate, then said an outside company handled the rebates. When I threatened to cancel, they made some price concessions but not enough to make me whole. I like the product, but BEWARE, the rebate is a total scam!
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I ordered Directv's promotional package for $49.00. I was told to go online and submit for the rebate.

The web site did not work. I then called Directv and talked for 1-1/2 hours to 2 representatives who could not help me, they said rebates were handled by and outside company. I cancelled the Directv order before they came out to install it.

I had to talk to 3 representatives before the order was cancelled. They were very RUDE.


How long after your service was installed did u submit your rebate?

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Directv in Rochester, New York - Overbilling

Complaint against DirecTV. Do not get DirecTV. They sell you a basic package, require a 2 year contract and then slam extra charges onto your bill. I wanted basic service and they added Showtime. I have tried to have it removed, but contacting anyone at DirecTV is impossible. The fees just keep piling up. This is a very bad company that you should avoid. I have tried calling, I have contacted the Attorney General's office. Once the service has begun, the cost of early cancellation is horrific. DirecTV has a long history of over-billing, the worst service I have ever seen.
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going through it now

centurylink bundled phone internet & direct TV

no "terms" five year price lock guarantee

price I was told I would pay monthly was 64.00

first bill was 130.00 (WUT)????

second bill 187.00 WHUT?????????

oh and yea they slipped the paper in on me to sign 2 yr contract!!!!!

I believed the "virbal" on the phone hype did not read the fine print

so their wasn't ever a BUNDLE!!

I was LIED to & decieved

there is MOrE but don't want to bore you

*BAD COMPANY *BAD Policyvery *DECEPTIVE crooks


thats all Im saYING


EXACT SAME thing happened to me. Told I would pay $64.00. First bill was well over a hundred.. Called DirecTV and was transferred to India or wherever.. and was told by the novice English speaker that my account was current and there was no problem.

Paid the amount that I was told to pay on the phone which was $56 and change and that, along with a "$25 credit" (that would then be applied to my account) would keep me current.

Well tonight I got a bill in the mail for $167 and a demand to pay or my service would be interrupted and all equipment must be returned.

I HATE THIS COMPANY and will not pay them another dime. Now I have to fight this in court and keep these *** off of my credit.



what were the extra charges?

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DirecTV no shows and rude

My DirecTV hasn't been working for a month. I waited for an appointment, and finally got one for today between 12 - 4. The guy never showed! WHen I complained, the representatives were rude and unprofessional. I got the number of the repairman, and he said he would be there when he was done with the other job and didn't know when that would be. I have been waiting for 4 hours and he still isn't on his way! I told DirecTV I wanted the repair guy to take my NON-WORKING equipment when he came, and they canceled the repairman and told me they would send me a box to mail it in! These idiots don't care about the customer or customer service. I have been a good (autopay) customer for 8 years, and they treat me like ***. FIRE DIRECT TV!
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Directv in Brownsville, Texas - Direct TV

Received Flyer from Direct Tv with offcer of Choice Package of over 150 English Channels for $24.99 a month for 12 Mos. from Michael Wallach, VP of Direct Sales. Received first statement and verified with Customer service because of difference of charge. They charged 29.99 and said they had no package for 24.99. Hummmm. Marketing fraud..... Flyer came from El Segundo Ca. I spent almost two hours on the telephone trying to get this corrected and my problem was not solved. Pissed is a very nice choice of word. This is very upsetting and my time is precious..
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Directv in Chandler, Arizona - Not televising azarenka match

miss azeranka is a resident of scottsdale az. i enjoy her playing as a resident of az. i demand you televise all her matches. instead of way lower ranking players.directv needs to be more mindful of it's custermers in regard to thier enjoyment of viewing sports.i was looking forward to viewing her match on channel 706 on 6/21/11. but was rebuked by direct tv. i find this to be appalling and in direct conflict with our contract.if this continues i will change to other services and encourage others to do the same!!!! please be advised!!!!!!!
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Directv in Glendale, California - Direct TV

You are charging me more than I signed up for. I signed up for 29.99 and every bill is more. I will not pay more that the 29.99 and I don't care if you take me to court or try to ruin my credit. You lied and when I call it takes 15 or more minutes to explain and then the operator can't do anything about it. I am a senior citizen and shame on you. Direct TV sucks, and who ever is in charge does not care. Anybody I know I will make sure to tell them not to do business with Direct TV.
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There are so many complaints on here for direct T.V. I hate them also.

And if you live in FL. they are the worst.

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Directv in Herndon, Virginia - Disconnected Many times charging more for services then what was agreed upon

My husband and I ordered Direct TV service. Big mistake!! Once we ordered they directly took an activation fee out of my bank account. I called to cancel and had to jump through hoops. A customer service representative hung up on me. I asked to speak to a manager and I guess that there aren't any managers that work for Direct TV. I then was connected to all kinds of people just to cancel the rep coming to my house - crazy!! Poor customer service and a true scam - please save yourself A LOT of trouble do not order Direct TV. More importantly DO NOT give them your bank account or credit card number.
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Directv in Albany, New York - Don't TRY DIRECT TV

I was a Direct TV customer for more than 4 years. We cancelled the service - long after our initial contract and then mailed all the equipment back to them. They continued to charge my credit card. I called and was told we did not fullfill the contract even though the contract states differently. We NEVER made a late payment and returned all equipment in perfect condition. Then turned my over to a *** obnoxious collection agency - meanwhile they continue to send me "special offers" to return as a customer. NO thanks. Never again for this useless service. Do not be fooled by Direct TV.
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To DTV Bad.....

This is totally your fault. You suspended your contract but then 'forgot' about it.

DTV doesn't know what your situation is or that you are no longer at the address. They restarted the service, per your direction, as you agreed to the 6mos suspension.

Grow up and pay your bill. Your ruined credit will be a far bigger problem then paying back $200 or whatever it is.


Too many big companies are doing this - treating customers - good, paying customers - like ***. Wake up America!

Refuse to be treated like this.

NEVER FORGET. Do NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT TV or any other company that does not treat you fairly.


Direct tv used very dad business practices. We had direct tv service for 14 years.

When we moved to another state, we called to have service disconnected. They said that we didn't need to cancel service, just place it on a 6 month vacation hold. We told them we didn't want to do that because we weren't sure if we'd be getting cable or satellite. They insisted and said don't worry you can cancel later if you need to.

With many other moving issues to deal with, we just said ok. Then we forgot about it. After about 8 months they sent us an email with two months of billing charges. My husband called and they said we would need to send the equipment back, which he agreed to.

Then he went through being transfered,disconneted and put on hold forever! He tried this on three different occasions. We finally got in contact with a customer service rep. which told us we are liable for those service charges.

Which is rediculous because we haven't lived at that home for a year, and they know they haven't provided service there. The home hadn't sold and remained vacant. They tried to transfer him to get a return shipping label and once more he was put on hold forever and disconnected. Now we are being persued by a collection agency.

How crazy is that?! Seems like people are there 24/7/365 if you want to buy something, but it's impossible to get help when you need it!

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Directv in Romeoville, Illinois - Direct tv lied to me what a dishonest company

Direct tv lied to me about how they were going to help me. I hate the fact that every time it rains the tv is out and when I tried to talk to someone they dont help what so ever and are rude.I am going to the cheapest package because they are going to charge me over three hundred dollars to break the contract with them. I am going to pay direct tv the cheapest rate they will charge me and go to comcast just out of principle. I recommend you never go to direct tv for anything.They are the worst for service.
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Directv in Fort Collins, Colorado - 3 days to get a tech to the house in Denver

DirecTV service went out last night. Friday night. Called DirecTV "Support" and they can get us a technician out Tuesday between 8 and 12. 3 days from now. It's not like we live in the Boonies this is the suburbs o Denver. Shame on DirecTV, if they cannot get someone to your house within 24 hours they should hire more people. Or is it that their service is so bad and there are so many people with problems that is how long it takes. When we had Comcast they would show up same day or early the next. Time to experiment with no TV for awhile.
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Incompetence from the time they answer the phone. Untrained installation tech, supervisor checking on tech is no better.

The low starter price is a bait and switch and you end up paying more. When you get you first bill and see it's not what you ordered, they point out the small print about their timeframe for cancellation and the cancellation fee.

Incompetent Rip offs! An example of what's wrong with much of corporate America.

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