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Directv in Jackson, Mississippi - Installer stole laptop- - and did not complete installation

Signed up with direct tv. Installer came out in old truck full of junk in the bac. no uniform no id. did not complete the installation, and suddenly left. I did not sign any installation documents - - he said i did not need to and after he left i noticed my laptop was gone with him. no help from direct tv said they were not responsible and the police cannot do anything because i did not see him take the laptop. Said i could file on homeowners insurance but they could not even list him as a suspect. go figure. buyers beware!!! upset in mississippi
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sick of it

Just to set the record straight he did work for directv as a contractor and you are correct he is a thief...


so lets get this let someone who was supposedly with Direct TV but had not identification what so ever into your home! I say you got what you deserve and you are lucky you didn't get assaulted ..................oh and just to correct your posting the person you described was a burglar not a Direct TV Installer........

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Directv in Marble Falls, Texas - Direct TV has the worst service and makes unauthorize charges to your credit card

The "installation specialist" came to install our new HD DVR service with Direct TV. We were so excited. The "specialist" took about 3 hours to install our satellite on the roof and the receivers. When he finished, he informed us that he didn't have any HD DVR receivers and that he installed a regular HD receiver until next week when someone would come switch them out. That is when the nightmare began. The following week a different "specialist" came to finish up the job. When asked if he had our new HD DVR receiver, he said that we would have to purchase the one that had been installed last week before he could switch it out with the DVR. As he observed the work that had been done the previous week, he asked if Direct TV had done the work and just shook his head. He said the wrong wiring had been used and nothing had been grounded. During that week, our brand new $3000 TV had developed a small green dot on the screen. Put the two together?? After exhausted and numerous attempts to rectify the situation with Direct TV, we cancelled our service. Two months later, our credit card was billed $1283 from Direct TV. I called the credit card company and told them an unauthorized charge was made to my account. They told me to call Direct TV first. Of course I dreaded this conversation because I knew what a horrible company I was dealing with. Long story, short, they charged me a cancellation fee because we cancelled our contract before two years. It didn't matter that we never received our HD DVR or for the service that they had been charging us for a DVR. I am still in dispute with Direct TV but I advice against using them when there are so many other good providers.
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Directv in Richmond, Virginia - Direct TV & Verizon

I just received new service with Direct TV two weeks ago which was ordered through Verizon. Direct TV billed Verizon instantly and Verizon did not have billing set up for me yet so Verizon did not pay Direct TV therefore Direct TV disconnected me for Verizon not paying my bill that I never even knew about. Now they will not turn me back on till I pay them $93.61. Once again, I have only been a customer for two weeks. It is awful. Please do not be victim of this. You can not speak to a rep in America.
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WOW....the same thing happened to me today! Signed up with Verizon for a bundle deal which includes home phone,internet and Direct tv service this was on May 29,2010.

Today 07/14/2010 I wake up and Direct tv has been shut off,I call them and they tell me Verizon never set me up on a bundle plan and I need to pay 161.00 to have tv back on, I explain I paid my bill 2 weeks ago to Verizon and they tell me I am not on Verizon bundle and pay them full amount and also to contact Verizon. I call Verizon and they tell me on their part it shows I am set up for bundle and I need to handle it the Direct tv!! This is not what I signed up for I paid my bill and now have no tv and Verizon will do nothing!!!

I will be reporting them the contract I signed was agreed upon for the bundle deal in the amount of 84.99 so they have now voided the contact! Worse company ever


I think she meant Verizon, thier customer service is in India


I am a Direct TV representative and I just so happen to be in America.

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Directv in Ann Arbor, Michigan - DirectTV bad investment

I have directTV for years now and over this weekend, a strong storm blew the dish off alignment. I'm not receiving any signal, so call directtv if they can send someone out to realign it! They want to charge me 95 dollars just to re-align it. I said since it's nature due and if they would just fix it. The lady was extremely rude. want me to sign up for a month fix plan also which i said *** no. I'm thinking of cancelling the service, but by reading all this post that i will get charge. I really hate direct TV.
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So join the fight and file a consumer complaint with the FTC and other related agencies. The form is all there for you and easy to fill-in. Good luck!

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Directv in Livingston, New Jersey - No service after the sale

In Feb, 2008, I decided to get a AT&T bundle discount for DirectTV. I live in a duplex and the other tenants already had DirectTV, so the Tech just connected to their dish which was fine with me. In August, while walking around the back of the duplex I noticed the junction box covers (2) were on the ground exposing the cable connections. I tried to snap the covers back on and they would not close due cables between the two boxes were routed not behind the boxes but on the top side. As such, you cannot secure the covers because of two cables. I call DirectTV and describe the problem. The young lady ask me if I could just nail a box of the two junction boxes??? I said NO and told her their tech had wired it and I wanted it fixed. She stated the 30 day warranty was up. She should work for Ford.
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Directv in Roswell, New Mexico - Direct TV cannot get billing straight

Direct TV has no clue what it is doing. My bank sends payments automatically every month. I pay for the football channel separately. After the football channel was paid, Direct TV kept billing me for the football channel. Then they stated they have not rec'd payments. I keep faxing proof of payment (however this fax # has no phone # associated with it). If you have a question, that is a different # and those people do not know what you are talking about. Even after you repeat that you have paid, they don't get it but do state that the people at the end of the fax # should be able to look at the fax in 10 more days. At that point, I said turn the the ***** tv off. I am going back to cable tv. I have never been associated with such ineptedness in my life. Sept, 08
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Directv in Miami, Florida - Billing me since 6/4/08, have Dish Network

I would like for you to look into my account, and verify that I no longer have "DIRECTTV" anymore as of 06/04/2008; I have spoken with someone, and so did my wife, about this; it was understood that it was a mistake on your part (DIRECT TV), for keeping billing me for $64.41. I now have "DISH NETWORK", and your "anthena" is sitting in my garage. Since we requested to disconnect, we made sure we cleared the accont, and the balance was $ 0.00. Thank you for looking into this matter, and making the necessary adjustments. A/C# 37960010
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Directv in Miami, Florida - Direct tv strikes again

I am all for getting together and complaining about direct tv. They took 600.00 from y credit card for receivers I had returned when I cancelled my service and its been a month and they keep making excuses and have not returned my money. They basically are keeping my money and I have not been able to do anything. Van anyone suggest where I can complain. They are horrible.They keep hanging up on me, they also keep switching me to different people and every time I talk to someone they say they will return the money in 8 days. I am all for suing them.
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Directv in Los Angeles, California - Direct tv tech support very bad

rude customer service inept, uniformed and un-educated techincal support and they hung up on me when I told them that they didnt understand. I was asking question about service aboard our yacht and trying to determine how far south into mexico we would be able to recieve service with a 24" dish and what the sattelite footprint was like on the west coast of mexico and how far in to the pacific ocean we could expect to recieve service and how far south we c ould expect to recieve service if we subcribed to direct tv obviously we wont ever!
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DirecTV sucks! Class action suit anyone?

The big wireless companies just lost a class action suit about unreasonable contract liabilities and *** customer service. DirecTV makes false promises during the sales call and know they are telling lies when they do it. The "professional" installers are not equipped to do a professional installation. They will not give you the equipment so you can do it yourself and get it done right. They damage your roof and they pretend it is not damaged when you make a complaint. The customer service is so bad you will cancel your contract regardless of the consequences. And then they turn you in to the credit bureau and collection agencies like you are the bad guy in this. If you would like to be part of a class action suit against DirecTV
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I'm in! My story...

I was with Direct TV for years.

I switched to AT&T U-verse because it was a much better deal and better technology. I had to pay 30 something dollars for early termination, no big deal. I receive a $0 balance invoice and I am happy with how we parted ways. Next thing I know I am getting calls from a collection agency stating I owe them over $170 for pay-per-view movies ordered in 2005 & 2006.

What?!?!? Its 2008 by the way. I never even received a bill or a notice, straight to collections. I have no idea whether I purchased these movies or not.

There was a time that I had tryed to order a movie and it wouldn't work however I was nervous that we would be charged so I called DirectTV just to make sure they didn't show a purchase, sure enough they did. They removed the charge because customers are alloted one screw up, is basically what the rep said. This made me mad because I didn't screw up, I wanted to watch the movie but it just wouldn't come on. Why should I trust their technology?!?!

We were never able to order movies with our remote however DirectTV is stating we owe them for 3 movies ordered by remote. Freakin' crazy.

I could go on with how horribly my dispute was handled but I won't. I am refusing to pay.


This website is worthless. They sell advestising to the corporations everyone is complaining about and do do allow you to contact the people who have similiar complaints.

Complain about Pissed Off Comsumer.


I would file, but I am not posting my account number on an open source website like this. Please post some more information on this.


I am definitely interested in a class action law suit against Direc TV. What can I do?


Sorry, this site does not post email addresses so just post a comment and I will be notified by email. Post your DirecTV account number so you can be notified if this works.

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