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To whom it may concern,

After 17 years as a patron we decided to cancel service. Not permanently only for a year to get our finances in order. I wish to inform you now, we will NEVER welcome Directv into our home again, NEVER, and here is why.

One year ago we were working on a plan to reduce our bills and we received a bill from you. It jumped considerably so I called to question why. I was told our contract period ended and the rates increased by default. Your people were professional and gave us a plan we could live with. I got all the information when the contract period was up and we enjoyed your service for the rest of the year.

Two months before the contract period your people told me 10 months prior was up, I called to cancel service. I was informed I had to cancel on the last day of the contract. I questioned why and your people said because I was under contract I would have to still pay the remaining balance. I said thank you and waited for the last day of August. On the afternoon of Wednesday August 31, 2016 I called and cancelled service. Your people tried to convince me to stay however the decision was made and it was cancelled.

Move to September 10, 2016. We received the box to return the receiver from the company we allowed in our two homes for 17 years. On the front of the box there was a plastic bag taped with a letter inside. I opened it up and there was an offer for $19.99 or $19.95 I don’t remember. Since this would fit into our budget I thought I would call. The lady was nice and explained the plan. She told me the $19.99 or whatever was actually $29.99 or whatever. I asked why it was $10.00 more. She explained because of the $10.00 was for the receiver. I explained in the letter it said there was a $10.00 credit if we each month if we committed for 2 years. I also was okay with knowing the “special” rate would increase after the first year. What I got out of the conversation was the $19.95 or whatever was really $39.99 or whatever and the $10.00 credit brought it down to $29.99 or whatever. I consider that false advertising as I read ALL the fine print. I was frustrated so I told her never mind.

My wife LOVES football, especially the Bronco’s, (I do all the cooking and don’t care much for football so yes this is kind of a reversed roll compared to conventional families) so after a couple hours I thought okay we can live with the $29.99 or whatever to keep my bride of 31 years happy. I called you back and got a different lady, who was professional, and inquired about the special noted in the letter we received on the box to return the receiver from the company we allowed in our home for 17 years. I told her my name and answered a few other questions and she informed me the account was only activated on September 10, 2016. I said no…. we had been a customer since 1999 and I cancelled your service the last day of August 2016. She said “I don’t know what to tell you, your account was activated”. As you may or may not understand I was really starting to get just a little agitated. She said if you want the account deactivated (the one I never activated) I will have to transfer you to the deactivation department. After 30 minutes on the phone with her I spoke to your “deactivation” department and was told our service of 2 hours from a company we allowed in our home for 17 years is deactivated. I asked this person if there would be any more charges, and they said no. We shall see……

A couple hours later my bride of 31 years brought in the mail. Interestingly there was an envelope from you. I opened it up and it was a bill for $37.91. I called you AGAIN to inquire why I was receiving a bill from the company whom we allowed in our home for 17 years which I cancelled 10 day’s prior. I was told it was for a “partial” month. I explained the entire conversation written above and was told the “billing” cycle was on the 13th of every month. I explained our bank account for the LAST 17 friggen years has ALWAYS been debited at the end of the month. This person told me “I don’t know what to tell you”.

So directv, I am mailing you this check for $37.91 (which really is not a lot of money for us but considering the above brings me pleasure to get you out of our life) and when it comes time next year to go with a satellite or cable company I can assure you, you will not be invited into our home, that is a promise.

James E. Sipe

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Directv Cons: Crooked and deceptive, Lack of concern for customers or what they are being told.

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AT&T has ruined Direct TV!

There is little to none in Customer Service..they really do NOT care I had to call back 3 times for service !