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Signed up with directtv January 2013 with a promotion of 34.99 with 2 year lock price. January 2014 received a bill for 86.00 called direct tv and was informed that the price was only for one year but I have a flyer that said two year lock price.

At the course of my conversation with a supervisor he was making me feel lucky for only being charge 86.00 cause of other discount that iam receiving. I also found out that im being charge 25.00 for a genie dvr receiver which I was told that it was a free upgrade.

Well the receiver is a free upgrade but its 25.00 to use the service which they fail to tell you. So I wanted to cancel my service but even after completing 1year my cancelation fee was still 240.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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You can still get the low price for the second year if you have one of the major cell carriers. Just call your carrier and see if they do a bundle price for the second year of your service. AT&T owns them and Verizon has ads all over about bundling for a two year price lock.




That's really good to know. I was looking into direct tv but now I'm thinking probably not.

It's a shame that these special pricing ads are shady. I don't think there is a legitimate satellite TV company that doesn't deceive us hard working people.


Yes and DISH does the same thing. Contact your state Attorney General and they will go after these crooks.

I did and DISH backed down. I am using an antenna for local stations and Netflix plus my PC for streaming business channels so my bill is less than 10.00 a month for Netflix.

They are going to get these crooks with "bate and switch" tactics but we have to have our state help us.


Dish does lock you in for two years. no hidden fees they don't change the price and they read the contract on the phone with you and you get a copy to sign.

Direct tv is in court now for lying to people about prices. Check your facts.


I signed up with Dish and never got a price lock my bill went up 2 months of having service. And also I was never given any credits!


I had a feeling there was a catch, I have dish ,it's better and simple , no hidden fees .


Read the whole flyer, its called reading the fine print. Just like every company your first year always has more savings than your second year and that's even if you get 2nd year savings


Interesting enough, people are in the grime with a two years contract but while in the grime directv do what ever they want....and they always send me a 100 dollars offer is referrals...they are nuts!!!!!


The flyer states " 2 years of savings lock in now." NOT a 2 year price guarantee. Please re read the flyers. I get them all the time.

@Directv Customer

Call your State Attorney General and file a complaint. You will win.

BBB and FTC won't do anything. Direct TV is their friend.


You could file a report with the BBB and FTC and Attorney General send a copy of the flyer to them. This is false advertising.I hope they respond and help you.