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I cannot figure out how to add closed caption. I go to cc on the info line, click, scroll to off and click and nothing happens.

I have searched on the internet for a solution to no avail. This new guide is NOT user friendly, especially for a 70 year old. Bring back the old guide, or better yet, let the consumer choose which guide they want to use. I also hate the view playlist.

l cannot read what is on the screen from 6 feet away. I have to get within 1 foot of the screen to read it. What is wrong with with those people. Don't they test anything out before forcing it on to the paying customer.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I called direct tv to voice my disatisfaction, and was told they were working on a fix.

Riiiight. And the sky is also falling,Chicken Little.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The new DTV guide is terrible. We lost all our recorded shows .Only recording the current show.


We agree, hard to figure out and I used to always use the television log get to phone to answer but I always had a number reference to there a guide that will direct me to use new one?


Bring back the previous channel guide. New one is difficult to see and read


Closed Captioning is in the same exact place. Press the Info key on your remote, and arrow over to CC. If the CC options are not in the list, I would call DirecTV to resolve the issue.


As I said CC options are there. But they will not turn ON.

They continually stay in the OFF position. I did read in another post that with the "updated guide" one must use Movie Subtitles which I can turn on by clicking Movie Subtitles. This new guide is NOT user friendly. Much like Win 8.

The help option does not list any of my issues. And there is no manual to help consumers like me maneuver thru the convoluted mess.