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in December we found a new handicapped apartment for my husband and paid the first months rent even though we could not move until the middle of january. So, that meant in December we paidf rent for two plaCES..The rent was $200.00 more than we were paying at the current we had to trim bills to make it.

Forgoing buying my medicine I paid Decembers bill for Direct TV, All bills as a matter of fact..Thank God for paper trails..all well and good, then in middle of JaNUARY CANCLED dIRECT tv BECAUSE WE COULD NO LONGER AFFORD IT..OR SO I THOUGHT. iT WAS NEVER CANCELED. We moved on the 15th & completed the move by the 22nd of January due to severly inclement weather. Once settled we took a smaller local cable service, which had all the Good channels that was on Direct TV, for half, i kid not, half the subscription cost..And..None of the commercial channels that were choking up the package..Wonderful!..until i got a bill from Direct TV in February for triple what it normally should have been..and that was how i found out it was never canceled.

I called customer service & got the run around, most of which made no sense whatsoever. I canceled again & said i would wait for the new Correct bill..they said ok...then i got a New bill at the end of march for Quadruple what it normally should be if it were still the same service i had for the last 5 years...And..two letters from a collection of which offered a settlement payment that was halfway reasonable...irate over this nightmare service still not being canceled, i called customer service again...and got an entirely new runaround, that made even less sense than the last one..apparently..even the account name had become somehow changed..strange people i never heard of before had called in to inquire and cancel the service..what?..Yes..well,that was bizarre..and no..they would not turn off the service until the 9th of this nomth..over a week away...NO?...why Not?..No answer..i asked if i needed to get a lawyer..they backpeddled a wee bit, saying let me look at your file once more..nope..more nonsensical circles..i asked about the collection agency..they never heard of account was in default because i was not paying the bills for at least 6 not going to fly..Because..Bank statements say Otherwise..PROOF! success..Now, she only kept repeating the same stuff over n over like a minah getting a lawyer..and suing. paying that lower offer from the collection agency..because..i do owe for half a month & after checking them out i find They Are tied in with Direct TV..they have all the correct numbers there is no other way they could is playing this gonna get MAD as *** n im Not gonna Take it Any More... At the end of that nightmare conversation there was a survey come on just as i was going to hang up...recommend?

you have Got to be Kidding...i will Never recommend direct TV to even my worst on a Crusade, writing the Truth about this conglomerate in every nook & cranny i can find.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I am truly surprised DTV did not help themselves to your bank account or credit card as they usually do in situations like this. I hope you have returned their equipment because they will surely charge you for this as well.

As far as suing them I believe it states in their contract that you can't do this but it is worth checking out.. I wish you the best of luck