We want rural tv

Rfdtv has stopped showing superior cattle auctions and rural tv carries them now. We do not want to have to switch to dish network.ronald graham 739 highway 13 mendenhall ms 39114 the phone number to reach me is 601919****.we have had directv for many years since they took over from prime star we do not need 5 hours of market report. We like superior auctions we would like to have rural tv added to your program schedule please we enjoy the cattlecauctions on superior livestock thank you i would appreciate a response to this complaint sofar we have not heard from anyonefor addressing this problem
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dtv does have rfdtv. call and see which package it is in. :)


Thanks for you address name and phone number...now i could call in about your directv account...i could even charge ppvs to your account.....i suggest you do not post personal info on these types of sites...and you may want to add a password to your account now that almost anyone can access it

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Jackson, Mississippi

Early Termination Fee Wavied/No Charge

On 12/3/13, I started service with Century Link bundled package for $ 85.99 a month, two year commitment and Direct TV . I went over with the representative who explained the offer what AT&T, TimeWarner and Dish Network were offering. After disclosing that said...
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It is very hard to believe that DirectTV waved the early cancellation fee. Whatever account you gave them will probably have a hefty sum debited from it on your Jan bill. What they say on the phone and what they do is often two different things.

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Chesterfield, Missouri

I was told about a 30 day cancellation period to my 2 year contract

I was informed about a 30 day window to cancel my 2 year contract with directv without early termination fees. I called and spoke to several hands of management all the stated it was not in the fine print even though a representative of directv had stated it to me. ...
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DTV will tell you anything to get you to agree to their service for 2 yrs.I believe they have a 24 hour window to cancel service. There are many things they do not tell the customer and the ones they do are lies.You can find out some of the ones they do not tell you by reading others comments and how they were bilked by DTV.

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Germantown, Maryland

Additional Receiver Ordered Online -Locked Me Into A Second 24 Month Agreement

I just learned that because I ordered an extra receiver online, I entered into a new 24 month agreement unknowingly. After being treated to a tour of 3 different customer service reps the third "specialist," (who I was told had the most options) turned out to be the one that was cold, insensitive and inflexible. She used the disputable extended obligation as a threat making it seem as if due to fines I was locked in to dealing with the extreme challenges their business model creates for long-term clients. Well I gladly broke the supposed new agreement (still under investigation. It is unscrupulous for a media organization to embed extended contractual obligations in a simple request for a third receiver. At onetime I appreciated this service. However as you dive deeper you realize they are no different from Comcast or any cable companies who seem to believe inflexible program packaging, nickel and diming behavior and hidden contractual obligations are the way to keep clients. However most customers would pay a premium just to have a cable company easy to do business with charging a fair price without shady practices. We really don't want to speak with your reps ever. Congrats to Direct TV for losing another $1500 per year loyal client. I will treat myself nicely with the savings.
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And i guess you never read the terms of the transaction clearly stated when you order online. Next time read before you click on confirm order...wny would directv want to continue to have customers that cannot read agreements or follow simple prompts...let someone else deal with your own lack of self education about your purchase and your laziness to read forms


Wow sounds like some didn't read their agreement


And this is all new to you how? How do you think they make their money. Hint - its not by providing free service.....as you have found out

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Need reciver for spare room

need a reciver for spare room called said would cost 100$ then said i would have to sign 2 yr contract why would i do that when i can go to dish and get all kinds of free stuff i have been a loyal costomer for years but u r going to loose my business because i ask for anothr reciver wow now i can cancel my comtract and and redo it in a couple weeks but o my gosh dont ask for another reciver what would u do go to dish and get all kinds of free stuff or get harassed becaue u want another reciver let me think??????
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You should have inquired about their punctuation deal. Buy 1 comma, get 2 periods for FREE!


Go to dish then and down the road ask them for a free reveiber and hear them chathe you as well....and ask for a contract

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Germantown, Maryland
New Reviewer

Directv not paying promised $200 visa prepaid card, even after 6 months

This is my story: DirecTV promised they will refund me the $175 through their Visa Reward promotion, if I disconnect my Dish Network service. Sure enough, I called Dish Networks, disconnected Service (their customer service start threatening me with $175 early...
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They did us the same way. We switched from Dish and was promised a $ 200 pre paid VISA if we signed up.

Now they tell us we do not qualify? The rep. sure told us we did. Bad business practices.

It states it in the flyer we have also.

Now what do we do? The contract was for 24 months.

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5 months of unaurthorized charges.Now problem with satelite connection an have to wait 5 day maybe tech will be out to fix.

Satelite connection has been off for two days. Was told last night someone would call between 8 and 9 on cell....no one called.I called at 8:25am rep says there is an opening between 12 and 4pm I requested 3pm.rep said she would ecalate to supervisor in order for the appt to be set. While transferring we were disconnected. Caled back was told there were no apps available today.spoke with at least supervisors no one could help. Iam here tonight with no tv not sure when tech will be coming.spoke with 20 reps between 7pm and 3pm the next day. Problem still not resolved. I wonder who the CEO is of the Unethical company
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We had moved from Kansas to Florida and directv reinstalled in our new home. Everything worked fine for six months.

This weekend we got 771 error-signal loss, all transponders showed 0. This despite no problems with weather or dish alignment. Although our monthly charges were 236/month directv could not provide us with a service tech until a week later. Sometimes you have to vote with your feet.

I had dish network come out the same day and install the hopper and 3 joeys. The dish tech spent a good deal of time in the attic replacing several splitters which were unnecessary and contributing to signal dilution.

If the directv tech had done a proper job in the first place, we would still be customers. But, we are getting approximate the same channel lineup for a lot less money and a free ipad2 to boot.

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Lewisville, Texas

Worst company ever

Denied service after being qualified, credit was pulled, and account was set up. A day later they call saying I'm being linked to negative account my sister had with them. They asked for proof that she did not live with me and I provided it to them. It still wasn't enough so I cancelled the whole order. Not only did I not get service after being qualified, but now I have an inquiry in my report. Apparently the agent who qualified me didn't realize there was an account being linked to me. My sister and I have similar names so at first they made the mistake of thinking it was me with the bad account. Then they only knew it was a relative because I was honest enough to tell them. I provided them with the proof they ask for and it still wasn't enough for them. Not to mention that I have excellent credit and was treated like some sort of criminal.
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This exact same thing happened to me yesterday - and I also have excellent credit and have never had a delinquent payment or account on anything EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!


If you are having problems with DTV before you get service with them what do you think will happen in the future? Thank your lucky stars and read some of the many complaints against this company

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Cooper City, Florida
New Reviewer

DirecTV attorney has threatened us with lawsuit for illegally broadcasting Sunday Ticket for 5 hours two months ago.

Direct TV has shut off our service on December 4th at our little restaurant for violating federal law and broadcasting Sunday Ticket. We have received no notification of any kind other than a phone call that we made to find out why our service was off. We have...
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Greedy people who don't care about people.; just the outrages price they charge. I can't stand DTV/ATT

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Toyon, California
New Reviewer

Verizon/DirecTV Bundles are scams

We moved into a new house and I signed up through Verizon's website for their Double Play promo: Verizon phone service and DirecTV service. It says right on the order sheet, month's 1-12 pricing = $86.99. So my DirecTV is installed almost immediately (funny how that...
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Some Suggestions::Be careful adding any equipment from DirectTV even if their equipment you have now fails for whatever reason because this will renew your contract with them for another 2 yrs. If you have a credit card or bank account on file with them, change the numbers of your bank account or credit card and do not let DTV have the new numbers.

get a prepaid card for their files. This will prevent DTV from helping themselves to your account if something were to happens in the future.

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Cleburne, Texas

Billing error unresolved

A payment somehow was made on the wrong account, and its 2 months later. they still have not posted this on the correct account. Its my money, how is this not resolved!??? Then after I moved, they had the nerve to offer me free upgrades and CHARGE it to my account. I spoke with at least 2 people and they ensured there would be no fees. But there are 3 separate fees from my move. A free" move!!???!!! I have spent countless hours on the phone with *** who inadequate at their jobs. What don't you get about transferring a payment to the correct account? They have their last opportunity to make this right. Then they will hear from my lower, and they will assumer the cost when I am finished.
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When I had DirectTV they did this to me as well and tried to make me pay for 2 months service. I sent them proof of my payment of my money order front and back where they had signed the money order and deposited it to their account.They still insisted I pay the 2 months or they would disconnect service.

I cancelled service after 5 months of pure ***. They charged my credit card $980 after I had requested my credit card not accept charges from DTV. I disputed the charges the money was returned,I closed my credit card and filed complaints against DTV and my cc with the BBB,& Attorney General and the FTC.

The BBB responded to my letter regarding my cc issue and worked as mediator between me and the cc..DTV did not respond to charges and did not try to recharge my cc. I said Good Riddance and I breathed a whole lot easier and will never have anything to do with DTV ever again!


I think the word you are looking for is lawyer not lower and since you can't even spell that you probably put down the wrong account number. Get a life!


The only time a payment is assigned to the wrong account is when the customer enters the wrong information, or mails a check w/o putting their acct # on the check. 99.999********% of the time a misplaced payemnt is the customers fault.

Have you submitted a payment dispute on their website with a copy of your bank acct showing a payment was in fact made? If it's been 2 months theres NO WAY you have done that. You are an *** that made a mistake and like so many other customers for any other company, you blame everyone but yourself.

You seem HIGHLY uneducated so I'm guess mistakes like this happen on a daily basis for you lol. GL with life ***.


I sent them proof of my payments including my account # on the check with front and back copies of my check 3 times. 2 by fax to their fax machine and 1 through the mail and they refused to accept any of these. You Nasty ***!!


humans do make misteaks pulling up accounts and/or keying account numbers

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Tempe, Arizona

DirecTV is stealing money from my checking account

DirecTV is claiming that I signed up for another two year contract after my DVR broke they said it was a verbal contract so now they can still take money out of my account for an early termination fee and they told me they don't have a phone but they could give me an address to write in to see if they can dispute it I am a single parent of seven children and now their Christmas is ruined because of the money they took out of my account so if somebody knows how I can stop them from taking more money out of my account please let me know
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My advice is to call DirecTV with this information at hand. 1.) Ask to speak to the Retention Department.

(This is the highest level department on the call center floor.) 2.) Approach the Rep with a challenge. Explain you had a faulty receiver (whenever that happened) replaced and now are being told you are in another agreement and you would like to know how the order was processed. 3.) Find out if it was a warranty replacement (ERP SWAP) or processed as an upgrade. If the receiver was processed as a Warranty Replacement it can and sometimes does generate a false contract on the account.

When activating any recievers on an acct, the computer doesn't always decipher the differences between an upgrade or swap. 4.) Once you have found out how the receiver was processed, this is where you can ask the representative to help do a little defective work for you. Ask them to check your comments on your acct the first time you called needing a replacement. If your receiver was processed as an ERP SWAP, the contract is invalid.

Ask the rep to have their supervisor waive the ECF (early cancelation fee). Then ask for a refund to be submitted back to you. IF the receiver order was placed as an UPGRADE ORDER, then you need to ask the Representative if you were transferred to a Third Party Verifier. IF you were transferred to the Third Party Verifier, then the reciever was an actual upgrade, not a swap.

IF you were NOT transferred to the third party, then the order was placed in correctly in the system. Ask them to waive the ECF. ( now we do send emails regarding upgrades and contract terms.) But if you were not upgrading just swapping why would you check the email right?

All in all, stay calm. Keep your voice and tone void of emotion as much as possible.

I do sincerely hope this helps you.

As a DirecTV Retention Specialist it is my job to HELP customers understand policies and procedures. Good Luck and Merry Christmas.


One question what percentage of customers lie to you,I work as a supervisor in OOP and they all try and say they never agreed then when told we checked the notes and show a xfer to TPV who noted offer accept they still try and(in this order) beg,demand,beg more(my favorite is I'm gonna be homeless),get mad, get irate,then demand another supervisor well when it gets to me that IS the end of the line unless you have Mike White's cell number (I just got the office number myself) when there is a mistake made generally it is fixed before getting to me P.S. CRG is not the highest levellevel on the floor believe it or not TEC has more authority to make decisions CRG can just give more credit W/O tl approval BTW do you work for VEN or dtv directly :grin


With the way you comment and post I can not believe you work for DirecTV still. Yes, SOME customers do lie, but the fact remains the same, give the customer advice.

A lot of times it is a falsely generated contract due to the swap aka replacement. Speaking for the company you should do so with respect towards a customer. Not bring up how SOME act. Not all customers beg, demand, beg more.

Your blatant lack of respect for any one shows loud and clear on this forum. You show no empathy.

Maybe you need some retraining. :zzz


I helped write cares this is not a call this is me on my own time


I agree, you may also be able to open another account at the same bank with a different account # (do not give the new# to DTV!) check with your bank. As far as the verbal contract goes anytime any equipment is replaced this automatically renews your contract. This is not the way it should be but DTV makes their own rules.


That is PURE bull the contract DOES NOT renew if you replace a receiver it will be a new contract if you upgrade SD to HD or DVR upgrade then you are told but 2 different people that your going to be in a new contract


As an actual Billing Supervisor you so state you are, you should be aware that ERP SWAPS DO sometimes generate false contracts. It takes persistence on the Representatives end of the phone to do some detective work and find out the reason for the contract.

Please give advice and not jump into defensive mode.You represent DirecTV. Please do so in your posts.


Only when upgrading equipment does it renew a contract. If replacing a faulty receiver, there is no contract.

In my reply to the original poster, I stated sometimes the computer generates a contract, but this is because the computer sometimes can't tell the difference between an upgrade or a replacement.

As for the charge for the early cancellation fee...If it is found that the agreement is invalid, then the original poster will receive a refund. As for changing account numbers at your bank. Most creditors can attach a follow order. Meaning, you may get a new acct number etc...

but they can still access since it is the same banking institution.

Talk with your banking institution to get more information. This may not be true in all cases though.


Your mistake was allowing someone to take money from your account. Now you know why this is never a good idea. As for how to stop them, just close your bank account and open a new one at another bank.

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Tampa, Florida
New Reviewer

Awful Customer Service and misleading advertising!

I am extremely disappointed in Directv customer service! I ordered their ultimate package with the free upgrade to Genie etc. and had to pay $121.32 for the installation after their advert said, "No equipment to buy! No start-up costs" 1. The technician was supposed to come on November 27th with a 12pm-4pm window but I got a call at 3:40pm to cancel as he couldn't make the window. (a 2nd. appointment was made) 2. The technician was then supposed to come on November 29th with a 12pm-4pm window but I got a call at 3:30pm to cancel as his car broke down. (a 3rd. appointment was made) 3. Finally the technician came December 1st BUT the installation that he was prepared to do was NOT what I ordered. I called their office and was told that my order was downgraded and could not be changed! I took 2 days off from work and lost that money to wait for an appointment which did not happen! I then cleared my Sunday for an appointment which did not take place because my agreed upon order was screwed up! Is this how Directv does business? I am completely disappointed and disgusted in the company and will STRONGLY advise people NOT to do business with them! AWFUL "service" TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO ANOTHER COMPANY!!!
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First some areas the tech do miss and go to the wrong house and lie ive seen it .

The money that was paid was probbly for the 1st month of service

as service is due in advance.


If your credit was good there wouldn't be any up front costs so that's your fault. I ordered 3 genies and because I have perfect credit there was no up front cost and they even offered me more equipment. so the only one to blame there is you.


You are not very intelligent. This is clear. Your credit obviously is horrible or you, in fact, wouldnt have had any up front costs or you wanted more than one Genie.

Also you are flat out lying about how many times your install was 'missed'. Techs do not reschedule appointments simply because they are a little behind, they call an tell the customer they will be late and if thats not acceptable, THEN they will reschedule, but thats up to you the customer.

Also the exact order the tech gets to do the install is the exact paperwork YOU get in multiple ways detailing every little thing about your equipment and services you order and how much they cost.

This information is mailed to you more than once, it also is sent as an email AND detailed on the paperwork the tech has with him you need to sign to complete the install.

It is clear you are lying about a lot of things about your experience and due to your horrible credit score and complete inability to pay attention to things listed multiple times on pieces of paper mailed an emailed to you.


I too, am disgusted with them! I have been with/without service almost every other day.

I was told someone would come out between 12-4 in two weeks! NOT ACCEPTABLE! Then I was told they would send someone the next day. When I explained that my husband and I both would be at work, they said they would send someone at 5.

I agreed. They then called my husband who is an exec at NBC at 2:30pm to say they were at our home!! Knowing how upset I was about having no TV he had to leave a meeting to go home for this NOT SCHEDULED SERVICE!!!!! After several calls of "I don't know why you thought we would come at 5??" responses from them..I exploded BECAUSE YOU SAID SO!

Check your f@@@@ing notes!

UGH! This company is the worst!


Mistakes do happen, I can't disagree there. I would have a huge problem with someone telling me no start up costs and it was clearly false in your situation.

This is why I refuse to go with any company that does contracts--I'd much rater pay a little bit more to know that if anything does go wrong, I won't be stuck. I'm a cable fan all the way.


You've never gotten a wrong pizza, mistakes happen with 30 million customers it will happen if you are calm I am sure it could be fixed and prob a month of service put in or a couple free ppv movies its not like the reps are trying to screw ya we are all human


I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I wrote a similar review, and received a response from an anonymous party, who was obviously a DirecTV employee.

His message was nothing more than a personal attack, calling me a retard and telling me to kill myself. Just wait, he will contact you, too.

@Kamya Sny

The wonderful thing about the internet is that everything can be traced! Let him contact me!

@Kamya Sny

There are 2 sides to every story . some of are customers lie ..

some of the employees lie (espcially the sales reps to get credit for sales) .. Customer need to read contracts I would Never agree to the terms of the directv contract .. I do work for one of the companies that does customer service for directv.. and they are mostly about the getting paid by directv and really dont care about the customer ..

the picture quality is terible comparied to over the air or brighthouse cable. I can see missing an apt occasionally but to the same customer serveral times in a row . .also they do need to extend hours for service calls .

2 wks in winter time in areas where it snows does happen and in a lot of causes this is because of wind and weather damanged to dishes . and its is imposible to have the manpower to get to every customer in 24 hrs

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Stamford, Connecticut
New Reviewer

Direct TV renew a service without my compliance.

First I cannot believe that a company that delivers excellent service chooses to be so sleazy in their billing department. Best you read every statement before filing away. I added as a gift to my husband and son a NBA pass last year, but they fail to tell you that you must stop the renew at the next year starting period. Once you see the billing has increased it's too late to cancel because you are already receiving the service so they say. How come this has to be one sided deal? Why not asking me to confirm that I want to add a service? Why should I have to be constantly on guard for the dishonest crooks like Direct TV?
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First of all dummy, you are told CLEARLY by the agent when you add any specialty sports package that it will autorenew. Sorry you are so oblivious that you dont pay attention to important things told to you.

Also autorenew charges happen MONTHS BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS, giving you PLENTY of time to cancel the service and get a full refund. Sorry you only look at your bills once a year.

Everything you complained about is 100% completely YOUR fault.

Well done.


By no means am I a DirecTV fan, however; anytime something like this is given for free for the first year--it does state clearly on the bills that it will auto renew if you don't cancel it. It's like that with every provider.

You should actually know in advance, because every Tv company is regulated by the FCC and required to bill one month in advance.

I understand your logic behind it, but that's just not the way it works, period. My guess is that no company has the manpower to contact every customer coming out of a promotional period to remind you to cancel it if you don't want it.


I'm with Lilly...NFL package...had it last year...realized "auto renew" on my bill after the season began...called to cancel and told I can't...really?!?...I'm not asking for a refund...just *** the rest of the season...way to hold your customer hostage Direct TV!


Lily, again like a lot of other people you are not very bright. You cannot call in november or december demanding a full refund for a season DTV has zero clue whether you watched or not.

NFL sunday ticket starts billing in JULY FOR GODS SAKES.

Look at your bill dummy at LEAST 3 times a year ok?


You should read your bills and you being too busy is no one's fault but your own. Your bill will tell you when something is going to auto renew for next season, and it tells you when the billing will start.

Since when does your personal choice not to read your bill become the fault of the provider. I can see you being one of those people that runs a stop sign or red light and then contest the responsibility because you were too busy reading a text or playing with the radio to pay attention. Are you by chance the woman that rear ended me several years ago tjat had to be taken to court because you were too busy playing with the radio...and then told the cop that saw the whole thing that you were not at fault because you were too busy...and yes this is a true story.

And yes i did end up with a permanent injury to my spinal chord. If you cannot find time to be responsible for your own bills what else are you nor holding yourself accountable for?


Ok let's go over this each step last year maybe I'm wrong it happens once or twice a year

1. You order NBA league pass 2012-**** season

2. You where informed at that time it would automatically renew for next season(that there proves that it was not "sneaky")

3. You get sent reminder that the renew is coming up (once again how is that sneaky) and if you don't want it call before the season starts

4. You cry :cry when they say we are going to enforce the terms YOU agreed to

So I tell you once again why don't YOU take the personal responsibility for YOUR mistakes until dtv starts sending sales Representatives with guns to force you to sign this is a free market you messed up you where given proper notice and choose to disregard, how is any of this their fault


Can you believe this "billing supervisor?" I wrote a scathing review about DirecTV, and he responded to me with personal attacks. He called me a retard and told me that I should kill myself.

The difference was that he responded anonymously to my review, presumably because of the insulting nature of the message. Talk about unprofessional corporate behavior! I have yet to check any of the other complaints against DirecTV (which are numerous), but I think this guy is on a personal crusade to correct everbody who complains about his company. Talk about pathetic!

I can't figure out what he is trying to compensate for, but my guess is impotence. His ignorance, however, is quite obvious.

Which is more likely - that everyone who complains is wrong, or that DirecTV is crooked to the core. I bet I can guess what your opinion is.

@Kamya Sny

You sir are a liar I have NEVER told anyone to kill themselves I ha e never called any a retard I have a brother who is autistic I find that word worse then the n word, I however state the facts because people come on here and lie because they didn't get their way when PROVEN wrong I await your apologies

@Kamya Sny

This "billing supervisor" is not a billing supervisor but merely a *** that hides his true identity and he should not be taken seriously. Just take what he says with a grain of salt and go on about your business.


Hate to be the one to tell you but when you put the package on you where either told by the rep or if online the disclosure was there letting you know of auto renew but wait it gets even better prior to the season starting you received a notice telling you it would be put back on and once.the season starts your Sol and having been given proper notice I can say no refund or credits

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The fall of a company

Hello this is the person that only kept your service for 4 hours due to the lies just to get my business. After looking through this web site concerns is the other complaints that I've read. How do you expect to grow and continue to seceded in a very competitive market. In my opinion you must waist a lot of investors dollars, the way you have a successful business is to RETAIN, GROW, GAIN without these three things how can you become a leader. If you wish to contact me please write or call me. My Direct TV account# 4758****
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i was a customer for 6 years paid on time every month. they said I could upgrade to genie for free and it was 50.00 more a month when I got my bill!i am a senior citizen on a fixed income this wound be imperative to know!

they said I wasn't getting charged for the genie itself but only for what it does! I was mad and called for them to take stuff back and they said I had a contract and it was over 4 years ago. so they told me after the fact that I had a auto renu contract with the new genie and never told me about that. so I wanted to go back to my original none contract boxes they said it would now be 200.00 a month would not work with me and charged for breaking the contract and took 500,00 dollars out of my Citibank card without my permission!

I know a lot of people going to dish because of there false advertising! not they keep sending me 200.00 off if I go back!

first off don't burn the bridge and then try and win me back! :( :(


And all of this information was given to you and you agteed to all the terms and conditions 3 times...once with the first rep that offered the upgrade where they are required to give disclosures...the second time ehen you went to third party verification where they again discussed the price and contract....and a third time when you signed electronically for the tech who is required to get a signature after the installation and any questions


The truth is DTV has been doing this for years and years and they don't seem to lack for customers that fall for the same old scams time after time. Never ceases to amaze me..


You were smart .. you can only cancel directv without penalties if you do it within the first 24 hours of activation of your account......

most people. " THINK" you have more time ...but you do not!!!!!!!

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Salisbury, North Carolina
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