Fort Washington, Maryland

We need some help or someone that will listen. My 7 yr.

old grand-daughter is becoming an avid reader. This is great with school, but not with Direct TV. The menu's have listings like "Dirty Teen ***". Isn't there someway to block or have these title removed for a growing family?

My daughter called and talked with a representative and they said there was nothing they could do. She has been a loyal customer for 5 years, but is considering cable TV.

She is going to be contacting the BBB and writing a letter to Ms. Ellen Fillpiak, but is very disturbed by the inconsideration of Direct TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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go to menu and select favorites and then hide the channels you don't what to show in the guide


I am not sure where in the settings menu, but there is a choice to hide the adult channels. Most likely in the channel lists and/or the parental controls.


There are parental blocks on every dtv receiver, instead of blaming dtv why don't YOU or The child's PARENTS try to watch your child would you leave a loaded gun alone with them this is a case of too *** to watch own kids


there has got to be a way to have parental control over what the Granddaughter sees on TV. This would certainly be a deal breaker for me if there is not.


Maybe don't let her handle the remote?


Scrap all video service and buy an antenna! You will find a lot of good family programming on METV and Antenna TV.

THIS and MOVIES have great movie selections. Check local listings.

I ditched ATT Uverse and never looked back. THere is too much to choose from on broadcast TV.