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The last straw was when I was able to lower my monthly bill to $35 last February. I had changed my programming to lower my bill but was surprised to learn that my bill would be increased by $40 starting in June.

So they once again raised my monthly cost to $75 which is too exorbitant a price to pay. So, I went out and bought a hdtv antenna with a 125 mile range and am now getting free tv. Just like in the good old days before the need for hdtv. When I had switched my programming, the directv rep told me that the $35 would be my normal rate and since I don't watch that many stations that don't interest me, like the Spanish speaking stations, it is wasteful but I understand that they bundle many programming choices into a programming package.

But, I was lied to when I found out that my monthly bill would be increased. I was asked if I wanted to bundle my phone with at&t. I said no because my monthly phone bill is now $12 with a veteran owned company. They asked me if I wanted to bundle with an internet server.

I told them that I am paying $30 per month with a wifi connection at my home. The scam that they play is in order to lower your monthly rate for directv, they increase your cost for phone and internet access.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Was told by the installer we had two months to cancel service. CS is totally unhelpful.

Moved to dish tv. Cost of over $1300.00 imposed upon us. We are in our 80’s. Requested ALL CONVERSATIONS to be sent to me.

Has not happened. Requested their dish removed from our roof and repair of the roof when their dish removed. Not one call regarding the requests received. This is working with a monopoly.

AT&T, U verse and Direct tv. Was told by one CS rep to ‘trash’ the equiptment. Did not believe that. Recalled and was told that I would be charged for the equipment.

No boxes sent. Told to take to a UPS STORE. That was done. A week later I inquired if all equiptment was returned.

They said YES! Still charged for the equiptment. This conglomerate needs to be broken up like MA BELL. The are unable to communicate with each group.

Told to call different numbers at least 7 times in one day. I would suggest that those thinking of the perks offered are a savings. Untrue!!!! You will be in the same predicament I am mown within.

Lawyer hired to correct this situation.

Be very aware of direst tv and their false promises. Don’t learn the hard way as I and others have.