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Bookmarks are gone! Are you kidding me? This was a feature I used ALL THE TIME. Now, my husband and I can't share anything.... oh honey, look at this funny.... oh, that's right... they company we pay 200 bucks a month to, decided to take away all the features we found appealing.

Hey, let's see what on... Really... I CAN'T SEE BECAUSE ITS ALL GRAY..... ALL GRAY.... Can you hear me? ALLLLLLLL GRAY, IN THE WAY...

Why the heck do we have big screens? So you can splash color all over it.... so we cannot see anything? What a complete disaster!

What moron designed this? I'm not really thrilled with Dish.... but I tell you.... I'm really starting to open up to the idea.

Humph. This is awful.

And the LAG.... slow to respond.

And the search. Why should I have to click left after choosing the search option? I'm sure there's a reason behind this madness? Who designed this... ? And, better yet, Who has overseen this complete disaster? They should be fired!

Is there anything at all we like about this? And the answer is a big fat NO. And, that is after all, a few weeks of trying too...

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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