Seattle, Washington

In August of 2012 the owner where i live sold the land, i have lived in this place for the past 22 years. What else can I do I called direct-TV and cancelled the service, they offer me to transfer the service to my new address up to this date November the 13 I don't have an address I'm staying with relatives.

I check my checking account and found out that I'm overdrawn on my checking account. Because direct TV charged cancellation fees of $400.00 dollars. I called them ask why they did this, the person on the line said you should kept our services to your new address. But I still don't have a new address I'm staying with relatives.

I told him why didn't you talked to me before you took the money out.

to make a payment arrangement. To this date if the owners had not sold there land I would be still be ignorant customer with direct TV and and making there business with so greedy management

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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I have been a customer of Directv for over a decade, and I am tired of their complete disregard for their customers. I have emailed and written letters to the Office of the President.

When you do that, all you get is a phone call. I was told personally by an account manager that Ellen Filipiak DOES NOT TALK TO CUSTOMERS!!!! I have a petition going about how horrible they are as a company. And don't think going to another company solves the problem-word is there is going to be a merger of some sort with another company.

There was a class action suit a few years ago, but still nothing has change.

Please sign this petition so that they will know as customers we will no longer tolerate the disrespect. /


You might be able to gt your bank to reverse the charges