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Gentlemen: Apparently you do not honor this customer’s previous demand that you immediately stop making telephone solicitations to my home. (Made to MIA on 07.16.2013 at 5:58pm resulting in the email attached below) As we indicated we are elderly and under a doctors care and do not appreciate receiving these calls that interrupt our fragile life. Tonight, August 1, 2013 at 8:45 pm we again received a call from your Arizona promotions office. The female solicitor stated she had no information that we, as a customer, did not want to be excluded from DirecTV solicitation. I asked for and spoke to a floor supervisor, Serena Far, and explained that we had notified DirecTV to be placed on the -do-not-call list more than 10 days ago but did not have the exact date at my finger tips, (I am over 75 years old). She apologized and said she (the Arizona office) had not been notified. I explained this was not personal but she as DIRECTV had entered my home, uninvited and with specific instructions not to call and I had received confirmation (listed below) She said I would have to call customer service at 1-800-531-5000 and that she would send an email to "corporate". I asked to be copied and she refused. I advised her that we had received numerous calls and would be pursuing criminal actions and asked her to keep copy of this recorded telephone conversations. I don't know why she raised her voice in anger and when questioned she replied that she hadn't. If anything we should be angry at the constant harassment of telephone solicitations that we demanded be stopped.

Please advise what, if anything you intend to do to comply with our request to stop these unwanted telephone solicitations.

I contacted 800-531-5000 at 9:35pm and was placed on hold until 9:38 which was answered in the Philippines by 100705784 billing department who confirmed the information was on my account and he could not give any further information on my "Privacy management concern" he switched me to another customer service number. I was placed on hold for about 3 minutes which was answered by Glen 953683. I explained my distress and he confirmed that the privacy tab was checked. He requested that I be placed on hold while he checked further. He advised that everything that had been done to the account and it takes 7-10 business days. I reminded him my calculations indicated 13 business days. He suggested email at the DirecTV website and did provide my request for his supervisor. (I am looking for a solution to stop this unwanted telephone solicitation).

Placed on hold until 10:25pm when Amber 414406 explained that by being placed on their do not call list could take a little longer if there was a larger promotional campaign. When questioned, she could not answer how long that would be and suggested the national do not call list. to which I replied we had put all our phones on that list several weeks before the DirecTV calls began. When pressed for a solution, she suggested that I write a letter to The Office of the President, PO Box 8550, Greenwood Village, Colorado 80115.


The Villages, FL 32162

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