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Suddenly, without notice, the format for Direct TV has changed.Clearly some 27 yr old had nothing to do so it was changed.

Very difficult to read the numbers, especially on a smaller set. Much slower reaction time going through the selections on the romote. They really need to pay attention to Comcast and update with better remotes and features rather than stay stuck in the 90's. The commercials saying this is better are very wrong.

As soon as this two year contract expires I am running back to Comcast.Remotes are nearly instant, number and letters easy to read and the viewing history offers 8 shows and stays even after the set is turned off.

Review about: Directv Tv Guide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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The new DirecTV "guide" is nothing short of a disaster.I'm giving DirecTV until January 15, 2018 to make the change back to the old guide or at least make it an option or....I hate to say it, but I will vote with my feet and move along.

DirecTV is giving us all the big middle finger when asking for the old guide to be an option.

If that remains I will do the same to them.Hope someone is listening.


New format is horrible!Very difficult to read the small print and navigate.

Please change it back.Considering canceling and going back to Dish!!!


Your new format is horrible.I need glasses to see the programming now.

I would love to know who thought this format was a good idea. I've been with direct TV for awhile but if this format isn't changed I'll have to cancel them. Reason being I can't hardly see it now. Very bad decision on somebody's part.

U sure dropped the ball on this supposed new and improved format. Worse ever. My wife thought I had screwed the screen up until I told her this was new format.

Her response was, are they crazy.Apparently so.

to Eddie #1404418

I agree. So disappointed in the new format, can barely read it, hate the BIG box around recorded programs.

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