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Directv in San Manuel, Arizona - People need to get together and file a class action suit !! False advertizing and mis-representation would be a good start.


Update by user Sep 04, 2016

Well we filed a complaint with the FCC, knowing they are more then likely not going to do anything.. Direct TV sent them a letter stating that they attempted to contact us and WE did not respond.

That is total BS... But the FCC closed our complaint so guess when your sleeping in the same bed (Direct TV and FCC) you don't want to mess up the covers....

Original review posted by user Aug 03, 2016

Direct TV and their commerical "if you move, take your receiver and Direct moves with you. We moved and hooked up our receive to the Direct TV system already in our new house. We call Direct and was informed that because we had not been with them for over a year, they were charging us $199.00 !! For what ?? Guess the law and regulations permit them to charge for a service when they didn't do ANYTHING. Also, how can the law permit them to advertise 120, 175 or whatever channels when in fact, half of them are info-mercials or the same programing. We are filing a complaint with the FCC and have a friend that's an Attorney.... Wonder how many individuals would sign up for a class action suit ??
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Directv Service Transfer
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  • Billing practices
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Not as described/ advertised
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Let the company propose a solution
  • Directv Dishonest

Directv in Mesa, Arizona - Customer service at its worst.

We've had many bad experiences with Directv's customer service over the years but nothing compared with the one we just experienced over the last two weeks. I will try and summarize because the whole fiasco was over many days and hours of on the phone conversation with a Directv rep., to include being on hold for over a half hour during one call. I finally hung up. It all started with the transfer of service from our summer home and our winter home. They have never got that right and over the years have spent hours getting this done correctly. Our most recent experience had to do with reactivating our receivers at our summer home along with the ones that are active. The homes are in two different states. They said this could be done with no interruption of local channels or internet service. In both cases it did not work out the way they said. When the technician left our home, we could not get our local channels were not available and we lost Internet service. When I called directv they told me that I had to call my internet provider to fix the problem and that I would have to set up a separate account to get local channels. All of this took hours of telephone calling and transfers to different layers of technical help, which in the end, failed. We were also told that if we wanted to cancel service, Directv will not remove the dish from your roof. You have to do it at you own expense. Directv called the day after all this for a customer satisfaction survey. Because I gave them such a bad review, they asked if I wanted to be connected to a person about my experience, which I agreed to. I was then put on hold, transferred to another layer of management. After a short time, they said " all lines are busy and to call back later" and then hung up. They gave me no number to call back. Horrible and very stressful experience.
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Yes, this is DirectTV. Best to avoid them in my experience.

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Directv Service Transfer
  • No responsibility for their equipment
  • Sneaking additional fees onto my bill
  • Over all contract pricing
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Directv - Service Transfer Review from Phoenix, Arizona

They are horrible. I moved in Aug and called to move my service. I had the NFL package in 2014, when I saw the charge on my bill I called to cancel. Week later I called to set up service transfer, free NFL pack was part of movers pack. Guess what nope I didn't qualify because I canceled a week earlier. I then get a bill that has a charge for the protection plan, again I call and go what the *** I didn't ask for this. I was told that insread of being charged the $50 my guy comes out so you have tv fee, I would be charged $8 a month for 2 years protection plan. I'm thinking $50 fee or $8 month for 2 years I'll go with the $50. Well guess what I now have to pay an early cancalation fee for something I didn't even ask for. Direct TV is horrible
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We had to call two different times over the past two years to get the NFL Taken off our package and were billed for it. They did reimburse the account but makes me wonder how many others just pay and do not check their bill.


Now the Bingeathon scam that leads us to believe we have unlimited access to download shows. The truth is, you always had access to download from the channels you pay for. The rest of the channels that are not in the package can not download shows.

Another scam. I plan on calling them on this and if not satisfied, we will drop them -again- and return to Dish.


They are deceptive on so many levels and people need to hold them accountable each time. With so many consumers, I imagine overbilling, deceptive bait and switch pricing, cancellation fees, provides a significant revenue.

They will not stop this deceptive process unless it becomes unprofitable for them to do so. All consumers must hold DirecTV accountable for any deception and demand reimbursement. I live in Yuma.

There is no competition here for cable/satellite services, which results in even worse business practices on their part. Frustrating.

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Directv Service Transfer
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Pricing issue

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