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I wrote to them about the increase in my rate during my contract time, and was told that a $20 per month charge would be applied for every month that was left on the contract (10). They have a good contract for them but on our side it ***.

If you deal with DTV and have a legacy program package, don't give them any reason to change you. The new packages cost more, and don't include everything you have now.

This was a new installation a year ago. We had a legacy package at the old place, but our purchased equipment had some problems so we signed up for a new package. We didn't even get all he fee channels for the 3 month period we were promised, and the installation was very shoddy workmanship.

The pictures show the "ground" wire attachment to the dish, and the coax main conductor rusted through because the connection was not water tight. I was told that the service call would be a minimum of $49, and had I not checked this out myself I would have never been told it was from shoddy work. I saved the 49 bucks but watch these folks, their contract only benefits them

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write your Congressman and make him work for your vote . he should get DTV to stop the things they are doing to the people good luck let us know what your Congressman dose for you