Litchfield, New Hampshire
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I was inquiring about getting Direct tv when the young lady I was talking with asked me for my social security number. She said I needed to give it to her because I could be entitled to more discounts.

That is a big NO,NO why doe"s your company employees ask these kind of questions . This sends up a big red flag. I was very upset about this and now I will never look into having DIRECT TV TO BE MY PROVIDER.

I am now going to check Dish out. If they do the same thing then I will stay with comcast.

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SSN numbers are used to verify idenity so you should give it out as i have Directv and had to gave out the SSN and i have had no ID theft or other problems


Well retard they asked you because they run a credit check and that in tails them asking for your SSN to run along with your name and other info. They run this to see if you qualify for discounts based on your credit store.

get educated you retard! people like you who are illiterate and probably living off the government are why the USA is going to ***!

Get a job and stop living off the government!

Multimillionaire and DTV share holder.

@more money then you

Haha that was comedy retard