I have been with direct for almost 2 years now and in that time my bill has never been the same from month to month, every month it goes up and now they keep taking more and more channels until I'm down to about 8 channels that I watch and the cost has gone up. When you call to complain, they tell you "let me see how I can help you", and then they try to make it sound like you should be glad because they're giving you a deal.

I don't feel like I'm getting a deal, I feel like I'm getting screwed. My bill this month is almost $90.00, that's excessive for 8 channels. When I called to complain, it was the same old thing once again," we can give a deal for x amount of time and charge this much per month ", if they wanted to give you a deal why don't they do it to start with and keep their word but no that's not the case ever. I keep telling them I'm on a fixed income and then all of a sudden they give me a lower rate that's supposed to be for 6 months or a year, yeah right that lasts all of 1 or 2 months.

I'm in an areal that antennas don't work, and there are only 2 carriers that service this area and the other company is just as bad, so if I want to watch tv at all I'm forced to use satellite. I'm tempted to cancel service and just keep buying dvd's, it would be cheaper.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Granbury, Texas

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We left DirectTv years ago for this very reason. Even afterward, had some issues over the boxes & the ones we had WERE OURS, NOT DTV's!

They were boxes grandfathered over from PrimeStar. We never agreed to go w/DirectTv. Wishing you lots of luck & hoping this will serve as a warning for others.

DirecTv is one of the biggest scamming companies on the planet. Look at their BBB report.


You don't even need to buy DVD's Most movies come online free.


Cancel everything, and watch whatever you want online for free(well whatever you pay for internet). Sites like soap2day allow you to watch almost any television show or movie, if this site does not have it you may be able to watch whole movies or television shows on dailymotion or youtube, or other sites.

It will cost you way less than $90, and some of these sites even have newest releases or episodes that just came on television.

It may take a day for it to appear on these sites, but it will cost you way less than $90 for basically unlimited channels. They have almost every movie(except for p()rn.)


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