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We switched our ATT bundle from Dish to Direct-TV in November 2010 and continued to pay for service through ATT. In January 2011, our cable was disconnected. Come to find out, Direct-TV had set up a separate account in my name on a wireless phone number belonging to my grandson. ATT continued to bill the account in my spouses name for Dish-TV and we continued to pay ATT. I spent hours on the phone resulting in the Direct-TV being turned back on and a letter from ATT welcoming my spouse to the Direct-TV bundle package.

In March our cable was again disconnected - after several more hours on the phone with ATT, I cancelled all services (we had a telephone account with ATT for 45 years). In November, I authorized a one time charge through ATT for Direct-TV installation. This week, Direct-TV charged $1375 to that account for past due balances and cancellation fees.

To add to the insult, Chase Bank refuses to allow a fraud claim, stating that I gave the account number to Direct-TV. The account is overdrawn and of course, Chase is chaging every fee they can.

Stop and think before you do busines with ATT, Direct-TV or Chase Bank.

All three are big time scam artist with total disregard for the consumer. Don't believe any of the Chase contract regarding real-time fraud monitoring or liability protection. They all lie!!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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