Chicago, Illinois

I'll get right to the point - Direct TV sucks. Their people sucks. Their technicians suck and Direct is nothing but thieves.

I bought a house on July 19th of 2013 and signed up with Direct because Comcast's cable rates were outrageous. When I called their 800 number the guy told me that he would honor their rate of $29.95 and, because I'm a senior citizen AND because i didn't want their useless "NFL Sunday Ticket" he said he would give me $10.00 off that rate. I also told him I wanted to do a TWO year contract to avoid rate increases.

So I was all set - $19.95 a month (plus taxes) for TWO years - right? WRONG!!! It's now Nov. 10th and I have never gotten a correct bill from them!! My 1st bill was over $120.00 and my most recent bill says my "current charges" are $54.99!!

Like *** they are! I emailed and called "Lylia" and "Mari" who work for Direct's CEO at: and was first told (by Mari) that she would correct this discrepancy, but today was told by Lylia that (basically) I was dead wrong and that the rate agreed was $29.95 plus taxes and that this only for ONE year!!!

After I emailed Lylia today i found a link to a lawsuit that the Washington (I believe D.C.?) attorney general won against Direct, saying that he had more complaints against Direct than from any other company in the USA!!! Now that's what I call 'Customer Service'!!!

So, here I am, paying $29.95 for a TV "service" that promised me a rate of $19.95.

OH, and while I'm here why doesn't someone file suit against these tv providers for charging people to record a signal that they're already paying for?

Bottom line? If you're in the market for TV service avoid Direct TV. They don't honor their stated rates and you'll never know what your next bill is going to be.

Remember this Direct TV - what goes around WILL come back to *** you squarely in the *** some day.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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Ok, after reading you rant I'll bet your mad about the 10 DVR fee well if you want a DVR pay the seevice, directv is not a buffet it is more like a cafeteria you see everything and decide what you want to pay for


Sir, you might want to read the numerous reports on this site as well as other sites on the web regarding DTV. The $54.99 seems to be one of DTV's lowest charges per month and that can go up at any time and most certainly will go up after the 1 year period.

But do not cancel service with them until you know exactly what the charges will be to do not take their word for this for they lie.

Oh,yes there have been numerous suits filed against DTV and DTV has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in class action suits but are back to their old tricks before the ink is dry on the Judges order. Good Luck


if they pay so much out , why are they still in bussness