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Customer service is awful. You have to fix problems yourself as they make you do it over the phone.

Then act as if you are *** when you can't fix it. I had to demand they come out after not being able to fix or watch the TV for about 5 days!!! Once service cancelled they refused to come and get the satellite said I could throw it away!!!! Now threatening me with charges for unreturned equipment but um you didn't send me the box or address as to where it all goes.


Now can't get anyone to answer the phone that can help me...So frustrating. Don't get this service they suck!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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DIRECTV is the most horrible, cheating, lying company but I have dealt with in my 39 years alive on this planet. I was lied to from the start about being able to move my service for free to the new house that I was already looking at buying when I signed up for my 2 year contract in the rental house that I was living in.

They charged me $214 to move my service even though the sales representative told me it would be free because I voiced my concerns about being in the market to buy a house right off the bat. Then when I reluctantly paid to have it moved I specified that the dish needs to be on the roof of the house because I'm adding on to the rear of the house and have contractors there everyday that are being paid, the installer came to my house I was not there my wife was he assured her that he place the satellite dish on the roof, my wife had no reason not to believe him and that lo and behold when I got home from work the satellite dish was on a tripod on the side of the house exactly where I told them it could not be !. I called direct immediately AND THEY TOLD ME I WOULD HAVE TO PAY ANOTHER INSTALLATION FEE!!!AFTER THEIR INSTALLER BOLD FACE LIED TO MY WIFE .

I am now on a mission to post my story on every single review site that I can find and email the link to DIRECTV's customer service until they satisfy me. Because the only other recourse that I have is to pay a $300 cancellation fee DirecTV if you're reading this my phone number is area code 928 846 7 647 thank you Chris from Havasu