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I am extremely disappointed in Directv customer service!

I ordered their ultimate package with the free upgrade to Genie etc. and had to pay $121.32 for the installation after their advert said, "No equipment to buy! No start-up costs"

1. The technician was supposed to come on

November 27th with a 12pm-4pm window but I got

a call at 3:40pm to cancel as he couldn't make

the window. (a 2nd. appointment was made)

2. The technician was then supposed to come on

November 29th with a 12pm-4pm window but I got

a call at 3:30pm to cancel as his car broke

down. (a 3rd. appointment was made)

3. Finally the technician came December 1st BUT

the installation that he was prepared to do

was NOT what I ordered.

I called their office and was told that my order was downgraded and could not be changed!

I took 2 days off from work and lost that money to wait for an appointment which did not happen! I then cleared my Sunday for an appointment which did not take place because my agreed upon order was screwed up!

Is this how Directv does business?

I am completely disappointed and disgusted in the company and will STRONGLY advise people NOT to do business with them!


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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First some areas the tech do miss and go to the wrong house and lie ive seen it .

The money that was paid was probbly for the 1st month of service

as service is due in advance.


If your credit was good there wouldn't be any up front costs so that's your fault. I ordered 3 genies and because I have perfect credit there was no up front cost and they even offered me more equipment. so the only one to blame there is you.


You are not very intelligent. This is clear. Your credit obviously is horrible or you, in fact, wouldnt have had any up front costs or you wanted more than one Genie.

Also you are flat out lying about how many times your install was 'missed'. Techs do not reschedule appointments simply because they are a little behind, they call an tell the customer they will be late and if thats not acceptable, THEN they will reschedule, but thats up to you the customer.

Also the exact order the tech gets to do the install is the exact paperwork YOU get in multiple ways detailing every little thing about your equipment and services you order and how much they cost.

This information is mailed to you more than once, it also is sent as an email AND detailed on the paperwork the tech has with him you need to sign to complete the install.

It is clear you are lying about a lot of things about your experience and due to your horrible credit score and complete inability to pay attention to things listed multiple times on pieces of paper mailed an emailed to you.


I too, am disgusted with them! I have been with/without service almost every other day.

I was told someone would come out between 12-4 in two weeks! NOT ACCEPTABLE! Then I was told they would send someone the next day. When I explained that my husband and I both would be at work, they said they would send someone at 5.

I agreed. They then called my husband who is an exec at NBC at 2:30pm to say they were at our home!! Knowing how upset I was about having no TV he had to leave a meeting to go home for this NOT SCHEDULED SERVICE!!!!! After several calls of "I don't know why you thought we would come at 5??" responses from them..I exploded BECAUSE YOU SAID SO!

Check your f@@@@ing notes!

UGH! This company is the worst!


Mistakes do happen, I can't disagree there. I would have a huge problem with someone telling me no start up costs and it was clearly false in your situation.

This is why I refuse to go with any company that does contracts--I'd much rater pay a little bit more to know that if anything does go wrong, I won't be stuck. I'm a cable fan all the way.


You've never gotten a wrong pizza, mistakes happen with 30 million customers it will happen if you are calm I am sure it could be fixed and prob a month of service put in or a couple free ppv movies its not like the reps are trying to screw ya we are all human


I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I wrote a similar review, and received a response from an anonymous party, who was obviously a DirecTV employee.

His message was nothing more than a personal attack, calling me a retard and telling me to kill myself. Just wait, he will contact you, too.


The wonderful thing about the internet is that everything can be traced! Let him contact me!


There are 2 sides to every story . some of are customers lie ..

some of the employees lie (espcially the sales reps to get credit for sales) .. Customer need to read contracts I would Never agree to the terms of the directv contract .. I do work for one of the companies that does customer service for directv.. and they are mostly about the getting paid by directv and really dont care about the customer ..

the picture quality is terible comparied to over the air or brighthouse cable. I can see missing an apt occasionally but to the same customer serveral times in a row . .also they do need to extend hours for service calls .

2 wks in winter time in areas where it snows does happen and in a lot of causes this is because of wind and weather damanged to dishes . and its is imposible to have the manpower to get to every customer in 24 hrs