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I was going to move to a nearby town in 4 months when I called Directv, about their services. I was told that I could sign up with their services now, and when we moved the install to our new home would be free, so I signed up and cancelled my other cable service.

A week prior to moving I called Directv and the install service was going to be $300.00! I called and spoke with several customer service representatives, the "free" ranged from $50. to $100! The $50.00 was not true as told to me by the supervisor, I told him "free to me means zero"!

I was NOT told I would get a deal or a discount! Bottom line nothing was free, and nothing they could do. I told the supervisor to listen to the tapes, if you are being recorded like it states when you call, that it is to my benefit! Clearly a bait and switch, contacted the BBB and The Governors Office of Consumer Protection.

The Governors office sent Directv a letter stating my complaint 10/31/2011.

On 11/17/2011 I received a fax cover letter from Directv to The Governors Office saying they were unable to contact me by phone, they do not even know my account number.

Imagine my surprise when I look at my online bank account, at midnight on 2/5/2012 and see that Directv has withdrawn ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS from my checking account! Went to my bank, as I did not authorize this charge, would have to wait 10 business days because it is a visa debit card. I called Directv, and if I want my money back I have to have their services installed!

This is outrageous to me, as Directv pulled a bait and switch to blackmail within 4 months!

Where I need my money pronto to pay bills, Directv is coming to install their service, which makes me sick. Contacted the Governors Office once again, and my case is under review again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Yeah, they took my rent money. Single mother, they don't care, that we may be out in the street. :cry