My name is Rachel Melissa Verner. I have contacted you previously about a fraudulent account opened under my credit, name, etc., by a former fiancé.

When he opened this account it was without my authorization, permission or ok. We never spoke about it as I was inpatient at a hospital in another town for 21 days when this account was opened.

I only found out about this account when I was contacted by Directv informing me I had late fees and charges. They would not give me any information about who opened the account because I had no pass code. How can i have the pasacode when I didn't open the account??

I need to get this resolved asap as this is hurting my credit.

My fiancé moved out as soon as I returned from the hospital December 25, 2020. He was subsequently killed in an automobile accident in March of this year. I can't get a passcode from him either.

I canceled the account as soon as I found out but am still being told I owe a balance. I don't know the amount exactly as I have NEVER received a bill from Directv.

Please contact me as soon as possible so that I may get this resolved.

Thank you,

Melissa Verner

Location: Tuttle, Oklahoma

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