Daytona Beach, Florida

Started ATT/Directv service in May of this year previously had uverse/att. First of all they got the order all screwed up and sent out the wrong box, they reordered and again the wrong box.

Now I have to pay for one because of some policy they have, Get this $289.82. I was floored after enough complaining they said they would credit it back to my directv account. Very confusing billing, yet to see an actual correct bill since its combined billing with Att. About 2 weeks ago a storm knocked out the satellite, called them because I couldn't get a signal on that box, but could on my other tv.

After connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting wires it turned out that HD port on their box wasn't working, neither is the hd1 port on my brand NEW TV, my tv stills gets HD on the other 2 ports but not through their box, WELL this lady tells me that they don't cover that and it happened to her but as long as I have 2 ports that work on the tv what's the problem? For one, your equipment damaged my tv, which is brand new, (not sure whether the tv warranty will cover the repair) Well she was so rude and I had about enough so I just hung up and called the following day. This time a man told me that they started a service plan (after my service started) that would of covered the repair, I told him I never received any information regarding such a plan and actually never received anything stating their polices, all I got was 1 channel line-up guide. Oh and that costs 19.98 a month with a 30 day waiting period, so that won't help me now.

Now the worse part of all of this I am moving from a back cottage into the main house so I call to get my service moved. $199.00 TO MOVE MY SERVICE OR I CAN CANCEL FOR $400.00. The dish is already set up, I have all my equipment, all they need to do is WIRE service to a different house. I could probably buy cable cheaper and do it myself.

BEWARE OF DIRECTV/ATT they don't tell you anything.

I plan on calling them every day and complaining. What a nightmare...

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

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My in-laws had a similar problem they move literally next door to their old house. The new house had previously been set up for Directv.

When they called to change their billing address they asked if it would be possible to move it themselves. They were told they would have to pay $300 to have it moved 10ft. Being a bit of a smart *** my BIL asked if he should leave the equipment in their old house so that the "tech" could remove it properly. They told him no and that in fact it would speed up installment at their new house if they had everything set up for the tech before he got there!!!!

SERIOUSLY! When the tech finally arrived at their new house 4 days later it turned out to be someone local who we personally knew that has prior drug and theft charges.

We got to hear about all the "hot ladies" he sees daily on his job. To top it all off, when my BIL asked why he wasn't receiving they whole home dvr upgrade thats advertised he was told that the moving order hadn't specified it and if he would like to upgrade he would have to have another tech come out and it wouldn't be free because its only offered in the moving bundle.


It wasnt necessarily dtvs equipment that caused the port to go bad. I had a power outage and my port went bad that was connected to a ps3. There was no satellite equipment attached to that tv.