We had a receiver go bad. A new one was sent to us.

We were instructed to return the receiver by taking it to any FedEx or UPS store and they would return it. Closest store to our Iowa House was 90 miles away so were told we would be sent a pre-labeled box to return it in. Box never came. Called again.

Told sending a box. Never came. Three times we went through this and no return box to ship it back in but we were billed $140.70 for the missing reciever. So, we drove the 90 miles to Rochester MN and gave the receiver to the FedEx store who gave us a receipt for it.

I have the receipt in hand and would attach it if I was able. Missing receiver still on bill so called and was told by DTV Customer service that it was our responsibility to track down the receiver with FedEx. We've made several calls to FedEx to no avail. They keep taking the info but never calling back.

Meanwhile, I keep deducting the $140.70 from the invoice. We went above and beyond to get you your equipment. FYI, our account switches between two service addresses as we winter in Florida and summer in Iowa. The equipment failure was at the Iowa Address.

Also, the first time we called Customer Service about this, the Representative said they ahd found our receiver and our bill would be credited. Later calls to DTV say different.

We give up, but we're not paying the $140.70. Can you please help?

User's recommendation: Their Customer Support is as bad as it gets unless you get the right person on the phone.

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