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Call to talk about a payment that I made on line when it wasn't posting then was told that I get a 5 day grace. So I'm not double charge.

Next day service is interrupted Call to speak to someone got the run around 4 times my account wasn't noted that I had a 5 day grace period So basically I was being called a liar Was told I could talk to a supervisor one would call me back I had to call back an hour later cause nobody called me then I was put on hold saying I could speak to one than recording comes on says the office is closed then I called back again got through another department through a different number Got the run around again told them I know they can pull up our conversation cause exact time and day that I called I know it can be done which they didn't even want to try and do .

I am being overcharged every month and constantly losing channels paying a $140 a month and not having hardly anything to watch tired of being screwed over by directv . We have been customers for 7 years and its been 7 years way too long

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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