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DIRECT TV 's rebate of $200 is horrible! I was suppose to have my rebate $200 visa gift card 1 month ago and the company is not responding.

I've been waiting 3 months and it suppose to take 6 to 8 weeks! My rebate posted on my account 9.8.2012 and they told me on Sunday 12.8.12 they are not sure what is happening, they said they can't find it and it may take 2 more months then over charged me for my service and would charge back my card. I then demanded that they refund me my money and take my credit card off my account. They told me that my contract required my credit card to be on account.

I asked them when I get my rebate I'll pay my bill. I was suppose to get a call and am still waiting! I recommended a family member & now regret it. My kids wont get the presents they want .

Merry Christmas!!!! I will be getting on the internet and telling anyone who will listen how horrible your service is and when you call no one takes responsibility for promises that were made to new customers. There are no managers available, no one in the promotions department!


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Just turned down for my rebate I am disappointed with Direct TV and will no longer recommend them to anyone maybe enemies. I HAVE BEEN WITH AT&T forever and now I am considering dropping them!


I agree!!! they make it so hard people want to give up


You are not alone. I subscribed to Directv at the end of August 2016.

Was promised a $200 reward card. I called a month later and they said it would take at least 6 weeks to process. I've chatted online with them and called over 11 times! Today the Rewards Dept said it's impossible for them to issue one for me because it's expired!!

I've talked to Billing and Customer Service several times too. How convenient for them. I've been on hold for literally HOURS waiting to talk to someone who can help and I'm either transferred or told "unfortunately" I can't do anything about it. Shame on AT&T and Directv.

If this is the only way they have to make money and treat customers, then as soon as my contract expires I'm gone! I've been an AT&T customer for over 25 year.


I also have been scammed by the promised $200 Directv visa card when you sign up for new service. I called yesterday after about 3 months since signing up and the rep.

said he saw on our account that we are "not eligible" for the visa card. I asked him why and he said he didn't know.

He gave me another number to call. This is frustrating and I will tell them that we will not be in contract with them for 24 months if they cannot deliver as promised the $200 reward card.


True never got my rebate either.Just a way to get you to sign up for Direct TV SCAM!!!Even notified me it was in the mail Ha! Ha!!! SCAM SCAM


Similar story, been waiting for 3 months for a lousy $100 gift card that's never came! They told me it was in the hands of the USPS 20 days doesn't take that long! Today I'm told 4-6 weeks


Similar story. Lousy !!!

They have no intention of paying the Visa card.

Hours on the phone. Someone working full time would not have the time to pursue this & they know it.


Just want to let everyone know my experience with the direct tv 200.00 dollar costco cash card was a positive experience. I had direct tv installed on a saturday and recieved my costco cash card friday it only took 5 days to get to me.

I see alot of negative comments regarding this.

Alot of people were stating it took 8 weeks to get it or longer. Just wanted to put it out there.


no ***,, you too huh ? I have been trying for three months and got nothing,,,nothing and more nothing they are full of ***...

i'm pissed off . :cry :( :sigh :grin :x


Same problem. False advertisement in my opinion.

Wish we coils get a class action lawsuit for everyone they "suckered" into switching with their lie. I thought dish network was bad.

These people suck and are *** on the phone. Do yourself a favor and stay away from direct tv.


Do you know of any class action lawsuit established for this already? I would love to be part of this to teach this business some lessons.

This is my story:

DirecTV promised they will refund me the $175 through their Visa Reward promotion, if I disconnect my Dish Network service. Sure enough, I called Dish Networks, disconnected Service (their customer service start threatening me with $175 early termination fee (I didn’t care about this much, but the guy tried to make it a huge deal)), and had DirecTV install their toys in my house. 5-6 months have passed, and I haven’t received the prepaid visa card till now (12/26/2013).

This is the story of the 5-6 months waste of stamps, gas to go to the USPS, energy, time and printer ink:

1. I sent 1st rebate mail to

DIRECTV Winback Early

Cancellation Fee Offer

Offer #361-85

PO Box 753725

El Paso, TX 88575-3725

2. I Got notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF (very basic paper to say this); the statement was sent, but they lost it probably?

3. I Called Dish - they sent me the bill statement;

4. I sent a 2nd rebate mail to include early termination fee of $175;

5. I Got 2nd notification from DirecTV to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;

6. I Called Dish again and after speaking with 5 representatives, they managed to e-mail me the last 6 months bill statements; Printed them out, put the rebate form again, and sent it over to DirecTV; I also Called DirecTV before sending the docs – spoke with 2 reps (to include a manager/supervisor); they said that the statement (which I read them over the phone) is fine;

7. Sent 3rd rebate mail with statement that included the Early Termination Fee of $175;

8. Yet again, I got notification to say the initial rebate mail doesn't include Dish Network bill statement to say ECF;

9. I submitted my objection online through DirecTV; Spoke with Ismael P (ID U5632) DIRECTV Resolution Specialist who was quick to ask me to resend the form to the same address, telling me that I have to do this again, as if I haven’t done that 3 times already. Hard to believe that. He even sent ma an e-mail with instructions on how to submit my rebate form. Unbelievable, again. I told the guy I’m a Computer Science Engineer – MBA in IT Management, not an *** not to be able to follow their basic instructions through.

10. Resolution specialist sent me over to Cancellation department, after I insisted I’m done with doing business with them due to their bad business practices and principles.

11. Cancellation department wants to take their lovely 7-10 business days to get back to me with a solution. No thank you; I waited 5-6 months; I can’t afford wasting another 10 days of my life waiting for their non-existent prepaid visa card of $175!

My wallet has an indentation of $515 to include $175 from Dish Network termination fee, and $340 early cancellation fee from DirecTV. Way to go, DirecTV.


Please reconsider about not paying them,they have your credit card and they will use it! they wil charge you for early termination fees plus nonreturned equipment fees which adds up to be a lot of moneyThey want that credit card on the accounts for this very reason.

It is up to you to change the number on your credit card or close the cc account ,otherwise they will keep your card on file for future use,the same holds true if you pay with check.

The best way to pay them is with money order and keep you m/o receipt.If they insist on a credit card to be on file get a prepaid one for their use. please believe me DTV has all their bases covered and it supposedly is in their contract.