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I signed up online and never selected any "Protection Plan", which is $5.99/month to basically save you $49 if they need to come and repair their own equipment. I received a confirmation from them, which didn't have any "Protection Plan" on it. I reviewed the first bill, which didn't have any "Protection Plan". However, now 5 months later, I noticed that they had started charging me for this optional service that I never requested in the second month.

Charging you for worthless and unwanted features like this is a pretty obvious scam, one that I know old telephone companies used to do as well. I called and requested not only canceling the plan but a credit all the way back to the beginning. "Karen" said she'd have to research it, and later that she could only credit it for 3 months. I objected and finally got them to credit me for all 5 months, but she gave me some lecture about "taking advantage of the service" and how I should have checked my bills! The nerve of them to fraudulently charge me for something I didn't want, and then lecture me about "taking advantage" of them!

I suspect this fraud is happening to others and could be grounds for a class action lawsuit. If you find this charge on your bill and you didn't ask for it, stay on the phone for as long as it takes to get a full refund. If they refuse, start a chargeback with your credit card, as it's obvious fraud on their part.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Repair.

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I've had the protection plan for 15 years. We have 8 receivers, 3 being DVRs.

I have used the plan numerous times (so many I can't even count) when lightening killed the devices or they just mess up. When you have lots of receivers and DVRs, it's worth the small monthly fee replacements and/or for service calls if needed. It'd cost sooo much more if you didn't have it. Granted I elected this coverage.

I've never had them charge me for a service I didn't request. Just my service with them.


Just got off a 45 min call with them and agree a class action lawsuit needs to happen. So frustrating to have to pay to cancel a service you never ordered!


Okay, well we had a storm about a month ago which knocked out our dish. My husband was told it would cost at least $180 for someone to come out and check it out but if we signed up for the protection plan the service call would be covered.

(I did know anything about this conversation with Direct TV). So when I saw my bill today and saw the charge, I thought it had been added without my permission. I was told that to cancel the plan, we would be charged $10. I finally found the "terms and conditions" which were available through a teeny/tiny hyperlink.

When I read the terms and conditions I saw that "acts of God" are NOT covered!! This means any storms causing damage to the dish would NOT be covered.

There are also several other items not covered. I don't understand how leasing equipment requires us to pay to have it fixed -- isn't this the whole point of leasing?


If you lease a car, don't you pay for repairs or oil changes? Oh yeah you do.

It is a charge added into your lease. DirecTV is doing nothing illegal.




I pay for the repairs if its my fault but not if its the car companies


On that note read your contract. It states you are responsible for paying for all repairs.

Home owners covers acts of god and directv does make some exceptions. Especially if the are was hard hit by a a hurricane or other natural disaster.

Some agents when you are nice and respectful, will not charge you...or they will reimburse you. However, if you are a *** you will pay every penny.


To "Advice". I sincerely hope you do not represent your company overall.

You just admitted to being selective on service to customers. Just a note, I was told the coverage includes storm damage by my representative who sold me the product, which is an act of nature.

Very interesting comments to present to the FCC regarding the exception selective procedures. Thanks.


People lease vehicles and dont expect the dealership to replace the tires in the event of a flat or wear and tear, thats your responsibility, sure fancy ones do offer free oil change and car wash as incentive to lease, but that's it