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I just signed up for the 'Choice' package for Directv's promo of 29.99 w/ a 2 year contract. I got my 1st bill and its $43.

They charged $10 extra for a 'HD' receiver and $3 for a sports channel. These extra charges were not on my contract, and the channel line-up for the 'Choice' package clearly says 'HD' on some of the channels. It didn't say I had to pay extra $10 to get the HD programming. I clearly stated that I wanted HD programming when I signed up but customer service never mentioned I had to pay extra $$, nor is it in their promo materials.

I think that Directv puts out shady promo schemes to get you on a long-term contract, being that Dish has lower prices. But isn't this a plain "Bait & Switch", not just shady but illegal?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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You were sent multiple copies of EVERYTHING you ordered with the cost written on it, via email and letters and the work order that you sign when the tech finishes the install oh and by the way the work order is confirmed by sales support that goes over every single thing you are going to be paying for.

/golfclap for stupidity.


Directv finally offered a compromise solution after I forwarded my complaint to the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Directv knocked off half of the disputed charges.

Better than nothing I guess. The lesson is post your complaint on the BBB website for all to see...only under threat of public exposure will Directv do the right thing.


Again, No HD charge is on contract, or conversation with customer service when I signed up. No mention of additional $10 charge for HD programming on 'Choice' package on website or promo materials sent by mail. Directv puts-out false advertising so they can lock you up for a 2-year contract because their ACTUAL pricing is higher than DISH network.


First dipsh$t you where told when you ordered about the HD fee,2nd the 3.00 is a regional fee charged by ALL providers

@dtv billing rep

@dtv billing rep....Just shows you how unprofessional Directv's customer rep is. I was told about the $3 regional sports, but not the the extra $10 HD fee.

Customer service rep ADMITTED that I was NOT told about the additional HD charge. I told them to review the taped call when I first signed up.The HD charge is also not on my contract.


Wow you told a lie in your complaint...u said you were never told about the three dollar fee and now you just said you were...what else are you lying about. And the website and all commercials tell customers about the hd fee.


That is why I do this *** while going to school, I love catching them in lies then saying we will get the money from card or checking on file for early cancel fees