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Been a Direct TV customer for 6+ years never been late on a payment and signed up for a 2 year contract with them because of their excellent customer service.

Had a problem with Genie Box receiver (newest edition) locking up so I called and had a service call set up, they solved the problem by replacing it. here is the problem, they replaced the Genie receiver with an older model similar to the one I had one and a half year ago that is slower, locks up and won't record programs, a feature that I pay for each month and they won't reimburse me for that. This is slower than my grandmother and she is only 93 years old. By the way one of the reasons I signed up for 24 mo. because they replaced the old box with the new Genie, now they won't give me the updated box that is still part of the 24 month contract saying that the genie I have is being fixed by their engineers but will take (I was told by a representative they don't no when and many customer are having the same problem) because they have over 700,000 things they they have to check so if they are pushing these antique boxes, tried to get new Genie the same as they took out, talked to 5 people over a week (waited 3 days for last call by supposed boss to call back and gave me the same line I heard for three previous representatives and keep being told they will not replace it because my local supplier has none of that model, yet they have adds on their website showing the newer box as included in for new customers.

I can only surmise when AT&T took over they probably had a huge surplus of the older boxes and are getting rid of them.

Just plain greedy. Did the same thing when they sold their telephone service to Frontier in CT, one day they were there the next gone with no communication with customers whatsoever leaving Frontier a huge mess that took 2 months for them to straighten out causing problems for thousands of customers.

I feel sorry for the employees they have that are told to use this tactic, must be very stressful for them.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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