Williston, North Dakota
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All Sioux Falls residents beware of *** artist at the verizon store on 41st st, Terry Tupy sells dish/direct tv ( satellite solutions). This two faced piece of *** lied directly to our faces.

We agreed to $47.00 a month, we'll after the first year the price just doubled $88.00 are you flicking kidding me?

Do NOT let them have access to tour bank account. Now we know how lazy *** artists get there commissions.

I spent 2 hours on the phone with the idiots at customer service, I wouldn't hire these idiots to pick-up dog *** in the park, they would probably eat it

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Retard why are you mad that you didn't read any information you were given because in the contract it clearly states that the price is promotion for one year and after a year it would go up. Illiterate people like you are what is making the USA go down the *** hole! Get a job and stop living off the government!

Multimillionaire and DTV share holder

@more money then you

Is there a specific reason you need to refer to people as retards? Or flaunt you have more money?

Or suggest people to get a job? Wow, so many questions I have...That I am sure an ignorant person couldn't possibly answer. Go *** your self DTV share holder.

Supposed self righteous multimillionaire. You probably live in your grandmas basement and *** to your moms ***.


um you do realize those prices are always a promotional period/amount right? or did you not understand the terms and conditions before signing?

gets so *** tiring listing to people *** & moan about these things when they're clearly laid out for them but they just feign ignorance and say "well they didn't tell me!" um yeah they did when you were signing up.

I can say this with confidence because I had them for quite awhile before and yes my bill doubled after the first year but *GASP* I knew this was coming because I read it in the material I was signing.


who'd have thought. read the info given BEFORE signing so you are NOT surprised after the 1 year period is up.

must hurt to have to think like that huh?