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My deal was for $110.00 per month + tax - TV, Internet & phone. Within two months of bundling the 3, ($10 savings?), the bill was $175.02.

Two months later it was $233.63! No one could ever give me a straight answer. I was told I would incur severe penalties if I cancelled. There were penalties if I just eliminated TV.

Plus, my bill had to be current to do any downsizing. They had me! I was finally terminated. No phone, no internet and no TV.

I then got boxes to return the merchandise in, returned it, and in 3 months have not gotten a receipt or credit. Instead, they Debited my bank account for $385.00 which caused checks to bounce and the account in a minus balance. I disputed the transaction and SunTrust Bank said it was proper. You can see whose side the bank is on - big monies!

DTV is only supposed to charge a credit card, not a debit card.

Read their Terms of Agreement booklet. Check with your lawyer too.

Review about: Directv Bundle.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Breaking our agreement.

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Same issue here, same$ amount also..hate directv


Tired of direct TV. Same crap programs all the time, 75% of the time you can't even watch around your children cause it's filthy.

now they go and screw up the menu which takes 5 seconds to respond to your command. As soon as I can get out from underneath this I'm doing it and never coming back I wouldn't recommend to anyone DirecTV.


I would be pissed off too but don't go blaming the bank. You entered into an agreement, however one sided of a con jobs that it was, and agreed to allow them to withdraw funds from your bank account.

You got to remember that nothing in life is free. I suspect you took some free add-ons on a 90-day trial. And then didn't cancel them. So you build increased.

You are under a contract that you didn't abide by and they nailed you.

That's what they expected you to do. Forget that those free video channels weren't free after 90 days.


I own a small Directv retailer in Houston, TX. I'm 100% positive your bill WASN'T randomly increasing.

I would be willing to bet $1000 that the reason your bill increased was that you forgot to contact Directv after 90 days to cancel the Premium Movie Channel subscription. Directv gives new customers a free subscription to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and STARZ free for the first 3 months of their service. This is an opt in promotion. Customers are not required to accept this 3 month free promo.

However, if they do opt to get these channels free for 3 months, they are required to contact Directv prior to the end of the first 90 days if they do not wish to pay for these channels after the 90 days, otherwise this subscription automatically renews, and starting on month 4, you will be charged an extra $53.99/month for these premium movie channels. $110+tax probably comes out to closer to $120.00. So logically, you probably didn't cancel these movie channels, and this $53.99 was added to your 4th month's bill making your total bill closer to the $175.02 you mentioned. It would have been more helpful if you had posted images of the bill breakdown portion of your monthly statements because then we could have seen if Directv "magically" increased your bill for no reason whatsoever.

You only showed the "bill at a glance" and "bill summary" sections which don't provide any context to what you were actually getting charged. In the last 5 years of working as a Directv retailer, I have only once, and let me repeat, once ever seen an error in Directv's billing. This was a total computer glitch where the customer was incorrectly charged like an extra $5.00. In EVERY other case where I've had customers call me angry because they say their bill "keeps going up", the actual cause of the bill fluctuations were because of something the customer did, or didn't do.

The customer's were correctly getting billed according to the original promotion, but because of some error on the customer's end. For example, I recently had a customer contact me furious, saying they had had it with Directv raising their prices every single month for the last 6 months. I pulled up this customer's bill and couldn't believe what I saw. This customer was paying less than their actual balance by like $10-$15 every single month.

So clearly, these unpaid balances were rolling over to each successive month. This is why every month their bill total kept going up. What's CRAZY, is even after I showed this to the customer and asked why she wasn't paying the full amount, she couldn't really give me a reason. She was totally illogical.

It was clear as day that there wasn't an error with her bill, but that SHE simply wasn't paying the full amount and therefore had these previous past due balances adding up. This customer simply NEEDED to feel like a victim, even after I showed her that she wasn't.

Trust me, Directv and AT&T does a lot of things that drive me crazy and that I don't like. But, situations like this, where people claim their bills magically go up...they drive me crazy because they give companies a bad reputation for something they weren't actually doing.

to Tim #1451786

DirectTv and AT&T are in it for the money. Their "system" gets blamed for everything whenever I have contacted them.

They say they can't change what the system does and it's no coincidence that customer service actual humans who do make mistakes are "magically" never liable because the "system" did it.

Can you "magically" explain that away too? Smh

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1299163

Ive veen there just attempted to get internet they screwed that all up charged me twice etc..long story short. .i had dtv bills too what they said would happen and what actually happened was extremely different. .im looking into fing a class action lawsuit there bill is on my credit etc..i live on a farm in which there was horrible reception..etc my bills fluctuated in way different amounts it was ridiculous i know 100% i was overcharged sooooo many months and previous years at other residences..now ive had enough gathering all records etc and im filing one way or another..i GUARANTEE obviously including you i am not or we are not the only ones this has happened to..

New York, New York, United States #1293428

If you have paper statements showing the contract amount, file a Small Claims Court action and simply bring the paperwork with you on the day of your appearance. Many people sue cable companies and most win their cases - I won easily against Time Warner over a contract amount and got 4 years of Triple Play for $99 per month!


Debit cards ARE credit cards IF it has visa logo duh

to duh New York, New York, United States #1293426

NO they are not credit cards no matter what logo is on the card! A debit card only uses up to but not over the actual amount on the debit card while credit cards are used for financing purchases that include interest and do not require the full amount of purchase to use. DUH!

to Anonymous #1390658

They can be used as both. The difference with a debit card is you can use it at a atm and if used at a pos (cash register) to pay for something you can press either debit or credit.

If you press debit, you enter your pin number, if you press credit, you have to sign the receipt. That's all.

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