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DirecTv is TERRIBLE! If you are considering going with them, DON'T DO IT.

They tried to bill me for HustlerTv and for 3 pay per view movies. When I called about these charges, they said I had ordered them through my remote. I explained that we did not have a phone line hooked up to our DVR as we had no home phone and were not able to order through our remote. I told them that I had had 2 service calls to fix this issue and it still hadn't been fixed so there was no way I had ordered this through the remote.

I was assured this would be taken off my next month's bill. It wasn't. I called again and was told that I had emailed the orders in. I asked for a confirmation number and was told they couldn't find one.

I was assured it would be taken off the next months bill. It wasn't. I called again. I was told they couldn't verify how it was ordered.

I said it needed to come off then. Long story short....we went around and around and around about this issue. All the time, I was still being billed monthly for Hustler Tv. After 4 months of arguing with them about it, I was told they could only refund charges for the previous 3 months.

I canceled service, got a confirmation email that all was taken care of and I owed nothing. This was a year ago. I just pulled my credit report and I have a collection on there from Direct Tv. So I'm still battling them.

Very frustrated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $159.

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The thing is, we were never able to order with our remote. We had 2 service calls for this issue alone and DirecTv shows record of the service calls.

The problem was not able to be fixed and the men who came to look at it could not figure out why it wasn't working. And the movies they said we ordered along with the Hustler TV were not movies that we had EVER tried to order. I still had the equipment at the time the charges showed up on my account. I have no problem paying for stuff I order but I don't order from the cable company I use.

It's much cheaper to go to redbox. I have already disputed with the credit reporting agencies. I've provided accurate email documentation stating that my account balance was at zero when the account was closed and that I owe them NOTHING. I will continue to tell everyone I know not to use DirecTv.

I've already convinced several friends and family members to not go to Directv. I am an honest and loyal consumer and to be duped and deceived like this is very frustrating.


hi. for pay per views.

the truth about it is, per access card or per receiver we allow a purchase limit of about $200 so that eventhough customer doesnt have a phoneline or internet cable they could still order ppv using remote but the thing about it is,it will not be charged on your bill on the same month that you purchase it,unless you connect it to a phoneline or you return it to directv. because the only way that we can check purchases is doing callback per account (w/requires phoneline) or to manually scan the access card after you when you already return the equipment. yeah i understand that horrible but that's how it works.

i am also against about that policy because its hard to explain to the customers. :))


This is typical of DirectTV,they lie about everything.you can post a rebuttal explanation on your credit report.