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Hello my name is Roger Carter and I have been a customer with Direct Tv since August 1, 2012. When I first signed up for Direct Tv the representative did not inform me about how the billing cycle would occur.

When I signed up the representative told me that I only had to pay $1.00 to activate my services and my bill would not be due until September 15, 2012. During this misunderstanding and misrepresentation it threw my bill off to always be one month behind because the bill was actually due on August 15. I am unhappy with my services because twice a month on the first and the fifteenth of every month my bank account has been over drafted. The representatives are rude and need to be retrained.

When the conversation begins we are informed that the conversations are recorded for training purposes but when there is a dispute of the conversation no one can seem to find the recorded conversation which makes me seem to be a liar. Now I am bonded to a two year contract that I am very unsatisfied with. This is the most stressful situation that I have ever been in and I cannot get out of the contract without paying for two years. I like your services but I am disabled and I tried to pay my bill on the first of October 2012 and the representative Rhonda would not take my payment on the first and I found that very strange that she would not accept it.

This incident put me back into the status of being behind on my bill. I want out of this contract and I do not want any other problems.

I would love to keep my services but i can not afford the hassles of being misrepresented.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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