Laconia, New Hampshire
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you stole money from my discover card, on 8-28-13 amount of 191.79 and then on 11-06-13 you took 735.59, from that acc. again, I have not lived at that address in 4 years.

Gary Sirois 2169 Summerhaven rd.

Sidney Me. acc.#8325262 you where not authorized to take the money and that is illegal I demand that you return all my money to me as well as interest as I have accumulated extra interest on  my disscover card as well as having my credit in jepordy due to this insedent  thank you for your time in this matter EILEEN PELCHAT 603 556 9628

Monetary Loss: $928.

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We have been with DirecTV since 1995 but when we went to disconnect our service, we were told we owe $240.00 disconnect fee. They say when we updated to Genie, we signed up for 2 more years.

They did not tell us we were signing up for 2 more years. How can they get away with this?


Call you credit card co and tell them you want to dispute the charges from DirectTV. If DTV charged your account and you do not have their services your money will be returned.

If you do have DTV and cancelled their service before your contract is up.

You need to call DTV and ask them to send out boxes and return labels to return their equipment because it sounds as though they are charging you for their equipment as well. Keep the tracking# and make sure DTV gets their equipment They then should credit your account for the amount they are charging for equipment.


Nothing was stolen, you gave your card as a deposit for any unpaid charges this is legal and your not entitled to NOTHING read your agreement when you sign up or use your card or are you too old,too busy, too black to read yo bill

Your helpful dtv supervisor,

@dtv billing rep

Does anybody believe you represent dtv? You're obviously illiterate, a racist, and so filled with hate it's not funny. Get a life!


Never put account numbers and adresses on these sites. I now have an address name and phine number for u...with some digging i can get all the information i would ever need to fraud you. Reopen a directv account...who knows what else..esp since directvdoes not own this site or probably even read it