Tempe, Arizona

A payment somehow was made on the wrong account, and its 2 months later. they still have not posted this on the correct account.

Its my money, how is this not resolved!???

Then after I moved, they had the nerve to offer me free upgrades and CHARGE it to my account.

I spoke with at least 2 people and they ensured there would be no fees. But there are 3 separate fees from my move. A free" move!!???!!!

I have spent countless hours on the phone with *** who inadequate at their jobs. What don't you get about transferring a payment to the correct account?

They have their last opportunity to make this right.

Then they will hear from my lower, and they will assumer the cost when I am finished.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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When I had DirectTV they did this to me as well and tried to make me pay for 2 months service. I sent them proof of my payment of my money order front and back where they had signed the money order and deposited it to their account.They still insisted I pay the 2 months or they would disconnect service.

I cancelled service after 5 months of pure ***. They charged my credit card $980 after I had requested my credit card not accept charges from DTV. I disputed the charges the money was returned,I closed my credit card and filed complaints against DTV and my cc with the BBB,& Attorney General and the FTC.

The BBB responded to my letter regarding my cc issue and worked as mediator between me and the cc..DTV did not respond to charges and did not try to recharge my cc. I said Good Riddance and I breathed a whole lot easier and will never have anything to do with DTV ever again!


I think the word you are looking for is lawyer not lower and since you can't even spell that you probably put down the wrong account number. Get a life!


The only time a payment is assigned to the wrong account is when the customer enters the wrong information, or mails a check w/o putting their acct # on the check. 99.99999999999% of the time a misplaced payemnt is the customers fault.

Have you submitted a payment dispute on their website with a copy of your bank acct showing a payment was in fact made? If it's been 2 months theres NO WAY you have done that. You are an *** that made a mistake and like so many other customers for any other company, you blame everyone but yourself.

You seem HIGHLY uneducated so I'm guess mistakes like this happen on a daily basis for you lol. GL with life ***.


I sent them proof of my payments including my account # on the check with front and back copies of my check 3 times. 2 by fax to their fax machine and 1 through the mail and they refused to accept any of these. You Nasty ***!!


humans do make misteaks pulling up accounts and/or keying account numbers