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I usually do not post comments about products and or services but there is a first time for everything! In August of 2013 (8/18/2013) to be exact, I signed our family up with Direct TV. The contract was sent to me via email and stated $45.99 for the 1st 10 months and then $55.99 for the next two months for a total of $571.81 for the year, (Heck Yeah!) so I signed the contract for two years. Installation went smooth and the service is REALLY good BUT…and yes, were you waiting for the BUT, well here it is………


Following a great first impression, this has been the biggest disappointment in the whole process! It started with the first bill of $50.89. “Wait I was told $45.99.” Called the Rep a Direct and she advised it was due to taxes and fees so I was ok with that. The next bill comes and it was for $157.05. So, back to Direct TV we go. I advise the rep at Direct TV my situation and he goes on to tell me that this is a known issue with their billing applying credits to customer’s bill. He did advise that I would be getting a credit on my Oct bill. “Thank Goodness that was over!” but hold on we still have Nov-Mar right?? Nov bill comes and its $30, I did order the UFC fight that month so I didn’t think about the bill. Dec $69.56, Jan $69.46, Mar $136.75!!!! Today I had enough! I called to cancel the service do to the lack of inconsistency in their billing and unbeknownst to me there is a $425 cancellation fee to cancel in the first month! “What?” The rep I talked to, get this, say’s to me “this is a known issue with their billing applying credits to customer’s bill.” Have you heard that one before?? Just to remind you it’s about 2-3 sentences back.

All said and done with I budgeted for the year for Cable $571.81. To date my family has spent $586.94 and I still have 5 months left for my first year is up. for the year i project with a foggy vision do to uncertainties to spend a total $847.30. Decision time will be on 08/18/2014 and YES it is on my GOOGLE calendar. It will cost then $240 to get out of the contract so I will have to weigh all my options then.

If you have Direct TV and you are not having billing problems, AMEN to you and you may love it and it’s the best thing since the cool side of the pillow but this is one unsatisfied customer with a dang satellite mounted to my roof! Should have choose the pole in the ground!

Just My 2 Cents,

Jonathan Jenkins

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $386.

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Jonathan Jenkins...Your story holds true for most of DTV's customers. It does not get any better the 2nd year only worse!About the satellite on your roof be careful if you are going to remove it yourself (because as you know DTV does not remove their satellite dish) your roof will leak if it is not sealed properly after removing the dish. I had to pay someone $50 to remove mine.


Thank you for the information. Luckily I'm having my roof replaced so it won't bea problem with any leaking. Sad to hear it doesn't get any better the second year but I wouldn't expect anything different.