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Several months ago some sleezball salesperson from directtv talked my 90 year old father into the HBO/Starz movie bundle package for $50 a months, promising that he would "get the first month for free" and if he didn't like it he could call and cancel. He made 3 attempts over the next four months to cancel and got nowhere, and continued to pay this $50 extra on his bill for channels he neither watched nor wanted.

Oct 23, 2015 - 3 hours on the phone - finally got this thing cancelled. November bill shows up, it clearly states for DirectTV services 11/02 - 21/02 - and the $50 movie bundle package is still on the bill.

Called and the woman told me that it was actually a bill for October services, not for November services. Since the movie channels were turned off on October 23 you would think it would at least reflect a prorated bill.

The scam: DirectTv is either lying to its customers about the billing and service period coverage, OR, it lied to my father when they claimed he would get the first month of HBO package for free. Either way, its a scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Bundle.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They did the same to me- sleaze ball told me I could have NFL ticket for 5/month and then charged me for half of the original fee and when I called they lied about the date they started and said that I was being billed because it was in the middle of my billing cycle when he called. Extra 50 dollars that month. Many hours on the phone and no one helpful.


They do the same thing with all old people. Report this to AARP and see if it does any good.

It's time this company was reported to the FCC for its Mafioso tactics. Don't ever give them your credit card number or they will charge all kinds of hidden fees to it. Problems started a couple of years ago and now it is worse than ever.

Time to report this to your state Commerce Commission and get the ball rolling.


Aarp does not care...get your bil, read the small print..there are local trade comission that grant bussiness the right to do business in each town. They are then regulated by these..the electric, gas, water..etc they all have one..


Yes, same kind of problems with my elderly parents and direct tv..we should report them for scamming the elderly!