Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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I have sat here and read all of these complaints and must say I think I have made my choice and am going to end my services. From day one we had issues with Direct TV.

The tech came to hook it up, comes downstairs and tells me that my TV blew out 2 of his receivers, now mind you this TV had no prior issues. He failed to tell me he blew out the TV as well!Now I go to play a movie in my DVD player and TV comes on but no picture. They tell me to make a damage claim so I do they send another tech to come look at it. This tech says there was a short in my TV that caused this, yet the letter they send me states that it was electrical in the house that caused this.

So they can't even get their story straight yet they don't wanna play for it so say anything right? Needless to say my TV is now junk because they blew the mother board and that is a $300.00-#400.00 part.

Nice huh?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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