Cherokee, North Carolina
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Charged me for Encore and Sunday Ticket and I didn't even order it. Been a customer for 14 years and when I refused to pay it, $58, they cut off my Directv.

Talked to some ***, Viancco, employee #100629129! Been paying $118 a month forever and they cut my service off over $58 and would not talk to me about changing my subscription until I paid the $58.

Also explained to this *** my motel acct is over $800 a month and I would be cancelling it too, but still would not do anything about the $58 overcharge for something I didn't even order!

Did I mention all this over $58 F*^@king dollars!

Incompetent is all I can say! Just the past 3 years my accts totaled over $30,000 in payments. How *** can Directv be?

Some *** who I could barely understand cost them over $150,000 the next 5 years, minimum!!!!

Reason of review: Incompentant employees.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Directv Pros: Service until this.

Directv Cons: Idiots in cusromer service that i could barely understand.

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I bet you every penny I have, the negative comments from others on this complaint, as well as every other complaint, come directly from DIRECTV customer service agents.

No one else on the planet would care enough to talk *** to a customer about their complaint about a business that means nothing to them. Nice way to conduct your business, DIRECTV.


As Grumpy Cat says: "Good!" Keep away from DTV.


Lol obviously if u don't pay the $58 that's due to service gets cut off, common sense. u don't under pay ur electric company and expect ur *** lights to stay on so why would it be different with cable ?

Stop. And it doesn't matter how much you've paid to them so far. It's a service you chose to have.

Not something that was forced upon you. Your probably one of those silly people who never looks at their bill until the last minute.