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Directv Hbo Tv Package Review from Los Angeles, California

Omg where to start. So I had direct tv installed October 2015. They went on and on about three month promo of pay channels advised them I wasn't interested and to make sure to not add the promo to my account. I was also given multiple incentives for 1 year. So my bill was $40 a month which included an equipment fee. Everything fine until 4 months later I noticed a $90 charge from direct tv. I called infuriated and they told me it was the HBO promo I was getting when I signed up. I list it and said cancel. So they set my account up to cancel my bank reversed the debit. Direct tv calls and I have service deactivated next day. They neglected to tell me when I did this I lost all my incentives. I was not aware of this no one told me. So a month later my bill is now almost $300. I cancelled the service again only to find I owed almost $700. They just withdrew the money fri morning. I called my bank got money back again. I had on Sunday put a stop pay on my entire account including both cards and direct tv still took money. So I have now as of yesterday opened a new checking account at a diff bank because bank if America said even if I close my account and open a new one direct tv can come after the money. Pain in the butt.
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So it's Directv's fault that you didn't read the terms of the customer agreement?If service is canceled before the 24 month agreement is complete there will be a $20 per month cancellation fee for each incomplete month. And in the agreement it states there must be card on file for unpaid balances after disconnect, as well as a bill goes out giving you 15 days to make payment before the card on file is charged


Now you know why it is never a good idea to use a debit card or allow someone to automatically take money from your account. When paying monthly recurring charges, always have them send a paper statement which you verify and then write a check for. Is your life so busy you can't write a check and show some fiscal responsibility????


I didn't have checks to this account. They gave me an incentive for direct debit.

I've never ever had a co do this.

They orig made the error and refused to make good on it. Did you not read the explanation?

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