Sayreville, New Jersey

My name is Taher Ali. I have been a customer with DirecTV for years, between my family, friends, jobs, and myself personally.

I would like to express how my feelings towards DirecTV went from extremely satisfied to completely and utterly disgust with the experiences I had gone through today. First off, I will give a little background of the situation. I am a loyal, honest, and most importantly respectful person. I placed an order on 8/7 to activate DirecTV in my house.

I recently moved back and my main priority was football, DirecTV etc. So much so that at my previous location, I was very sad to know your services weren’t available, however I understood. As I’m beyond excited to reward myself with a new DirecTV package for the following reasons: I fasted the entire month of Ramadan and today was my holiday to celebrate; my August birthday, and of course my passion for football, everything goes wrong. I was told by an associate I am eligible for a new customer package (NFL, choice, HD, rebates etc).

I then reminded the associate I was a former customer, and she stated happily, “it’s been ‘x’ long since you’ve been with us therefore you are eligible.” I was elated! We carried on with social security number, etc (which by the way was not asked of me my first ever time with DirecTV) I then paid a $219 fee to get hooked up the following day. That night I called to confirm the installation and the associate explained I was not receiving HD, but only standard. I then explained the sales rep told me I would have HD.

A supervisor Miguel had told me he would “report” the employee for misleading me. (Not my problem, but NO BIG DEAL) I then told Miguel I still had my equipment which I OWN from my previous account, which included HD boxes. He then stated “Just tell the installer, you should be fine-he will just need an activity number to hook them up. I will make a note of it for the installer” I thought I was in the clear and all fine and well.

The installer came, had NO record of the note that Miguel apparently left, however said he’d make a phone call to see what he can do. This is where all goes wrong. When I was asked to be put on the phone, they asked about my old account, and after review said it was not eligible for new customer promotions, but can still be reconnected. I then stated I was promised by several employees I am eligible, in which of course once again I heard “Sorry, sir, you were mislead by our employees” for the SECOND time now.

They then said, I had to cancel the original order, and reactive my old account if I had any shot at getting the promotions. ON DIRECTVs behalf, I was told to cancel, which I did, while having TWO phones with DirecTV associated on them talking to each other because I refused to be transferred again. (at this point, the 4th transfer) The order was cancelled, and they said there was nothing they could do still. So I figured to at least stick with standard on the new account and just upgrade later in time.

I was then told I would not be able to now because I am a previous customer. (Which mind you, 20 minutes prior I was eligible with standard boxes because I never mention old equipment) Approximately two hours later, and roughly 6 transfers later (explaining the story every time over again because “notes” cannot be seen by certain employees (apparently), I received hope when an associate told me they would be able to help. Though I knew there was no shot, he insisted to reconnect my account in the reconnect department and go from there. This was now my 4th time speaking to reconnection department ALONE, in a back and forth to sales and customer care possessing another 2 hours of my time.

Of course, this lead to nothing. Now I simply asked to start over, explaining I would give social security all over again, etc. They told me that would be no problem, especially because the technician was still at my house (Yes, this entire time, the gentleman was ALSO calling trying to help me) and that they would ignore my old account due to lack of ssn on previous account. I then told them I cannot pay the fee again however, and that I can either get billed, or pay it the immediate moment I am reimbursed from the order cancellation that DIRECTV associates TOLD ME to cancel.

I was told by many employees that they would have to intercept that reimbursement so they can transfer the payment to a new order. Sounds simple, but of course “it’s not possible” Here is where the last hour of my DirecTV experience went. I explained to the supervisor on site that I paid a very large check for a holiday dinner (which at this point I was TWO HOURS LATE to arrive) I explained I cannot put activity on my account again in risk of that dinner being jeopardized because it is a very sacred holiday. (Hence, why I paid DIRECTV FIRST so I can image my budget to cover dinner) After begging, crying, pleading, etc- a very nice lady assisted me and said that I shouldn’t have to pay and she will take care of it.

She says she will connect me (again-now approx. 12-15 transfers) to her finest sales associate to get it done. I get transferred and get DISCONNECTED! I call back the number I was given beforehand, immediately ask for a supervisor and am told I cannot without explaining the story again for the now approx.

15th time in 5 hours. I then get my LAST DirecTV associate who of course tells me she cannot do anything but “feels” bad for me and “is truly sorry that I was mislead so many times”. I am no expert, but it is not MY problem that the people in which the company hired mislead me, why am I suffering for it? I gave them plenty of options to resolve the issue and expressed my full passion to be as helpful as possible, short of paying again.

I have been a customer for years, and explained I have recommended SEVEN accounts to you, THREE of which are restaurants/bars in NJ making a total of 45 receivers! I have always enjoyed calling DIRECTV as the associates (prior to actually activating) are friendly, caring, thoughtful, etc. I am a military man, and an honest one at that. I know I could’ve easily put the account in a friend’s name and received new offers, or lied and said a “landlord” wouldn’t allow a dish, and I would just pay for NFL ticket through internet streaming.

However, I am not like the artists that constantly get what they want from DirecTV; I am honest, and out of the kindness of my HEART cannot see myself intentionally misguiding a company. But of course, not every company cares if you are honest. Instead of rewarding a mislead, loyal , referring customer with NFL for free (which by the way he never received in his ORIGINAL account from the past because of “the month I ordered DirecTV) they reward (every single day!) the liars, and scam artists that simply transfer an account to a new person’s name the next year to get it back. Had I just not opened my mouth about my previous account (because it was untraceable being that they never had my social prior to yesterday), this would’ve gone smooth and I wouldn’t be the fool who fell for corporate corruption.

I apologize for being a humble person. After joking about this with an employee EARLY in the mayhem, I was told I was being a “fool”. (Glad an associate felt the need to call me a fool-the same associate that later recommended to put it in my partner’s name to get around it!) Of course, I repelled and didn’t make a deal of it. In the end, after 5 ½ hours of being “mislead” on many accounts, disrespected, and of course without cable, I plead one last time to see if there was anything that was possible; a sweet lady came on and expressed how “truly sorry and heartfelt” she was but could not do anything.

In conclusion, I hope DIRECTV realizes I will being doing everything in my power, through media/articles, social media, and most importantly my firm to expose the reality of DirecTV, a once very respected and polite company on my behalf. Though I will be without football, I am happy to say I can expose a company that punished an honest man on the honor code, who decided not to beat around the bush with them. I also can only hope that with expression of how to indeed beat around DirecTV’s customer policies (many of which were broken by employees in case as it is) your company can stop liars/artists from joining. I hope that this can be resolved, and that maybe one day I will reconsider DirecTV, however after many surveys and supervisors “feeling bad” no one has reached out to me, leaving me with no choice.

I plan to expose this story to those restaurants/bars, and most importantly my family on what DirecTV really thinks about their customers. A holiday, a birthday, and a very important dinner were ruined, and I thank you for that and your time if this was even read thoroughly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

Monetary Loss: $219.

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just wondering if you just typed this complaint 45 minutes ago. I am considering Direct TV

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