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To Whom it may concern:

The last week in April 2015 my wife and I walked into Best Buy in Seekonk and was approached by a Direct TV salesman (Chris) who introduced himself as a Direct TV manager. He proceeded to give us his sales pitch, which was as follows: If we purchase Direct TV for our home in Tiverton RI.we can save about half of what we pay now for Cox cable by cancelling cable service and changing our phone service to magic jack and keeping our cable service for internet only. We can save even more on our second home in North Carolina by merging our RI and NC accounts once they are installed and we receive the first months billing. The only thing we would pay for in NC would be for the additional boxes, and because we purchased two accounts we could apply for 2 gift cards from Best Buy being offered to new subscribers to Direct TV. So we have 3 boxes in RI and 2 in NC. In order to have the service in stalled in NC we had to cancel our Dish account which was on pause, it cost $450 to cancel. After receiving the first months bills from Direct TV for both addresses we were instructed to call Direct TV by our salesperson Chris. The first person we talked with told us they cannot merge accounts, The second person we talked with said in order to do so we have to cancel one of the new accounts we just purchased at a cost of $465.00 early termination fee, then they can talk about a merge. The third person told us we can’t merge because we have a Genie at both locations (What?). The 4th and 5th persons we talked with at length (for about 2hrs) gave us a compromise for now by putting our 2nd home on pause for 6 months. This is not what we were told at the beginning when we talked with Chris at Best Buy. We are looking for the package deal we were sold in April by merging the two accounts, no BS, just a simple merge with no extra fees over and done with.

We have talked with several Direct TV sales people and of course the Best Buy Direct tv representative, Chris, who insists there should not be this problem. Why do you need to talk with several different people in the same company and get different answers from each of them? Why can’t we get what we were sold? Shouldn’t our sales person make it happen? Last person I spoke with was Courtney on 6/10/15 at 877-381-9061 ext 1, she was going to call me back by the end of the day yesterday, but did not, and has not returned my call today.

Where do we go from here? NOT HAPPY!

John Moitoza

10 Wampanoag Lane

Tiverton, R.I. 02878


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Directv Cons: Untrustworthy billing practices.

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Same happened to me with this as follows:

Was in your Sams in Syracuse, NY and the following happened. I just want to make a point that I was completely lied to when signing up for this.

Your sales person told me it would be $35.00 plus change for my internet provider when in fact that is the new customer amount with Time Warner and not the existing customer price which is north of $81.00. Hence I am not saving money each month I am losing money and not to mention it cost me $80.00 to install wire from my roof to my basement which was never talked about. Sure your giving me a $300.00 gift card to Sam's but Time Warner is now offering the same with a lower bill. To top this off my internet is so slow now because of the constant on demand downloading I can hardly use it and it is one of the premium connections with TWC.

I am beyond pissed about the disregard and hiding of cost and service and will not be recommending DIRECTV to anyone anytime soon.

Pure lies.....nothing less. As a member I don't like being bugged while trying to shop and not only did this happen but that guy LIED to me and now I am out money each month and I doubt I will renew...