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On Aug 17th 2019 we switch service from direct tv to dish. We attempted to call and cancel service but just kept get the “run around”.

When my husband paid the last bill he wrote on the bill “ cancel service “ and also wrote a note telling them to cancel service. Since we couldn’t get anywhere on the phone we felt this was the only option. Today sept 23rd 2019 we received a bill for $345. I attempt to call but after about the 3rd person I got “Saying i will transfer you to the right department I gave up.

So when I got home I tried again. This time I didn’t tell the automated system I wanted to cancel. I just asked for billing. And amazingly got right to a person although I could barely understand him.

Didn’t do me any good he all but called me a lier saying we never called before and they didn’t know anything about a letter although they did processed the payment fast enough. Basically told me they would cancel service as of today and I would still have to pay the $345!!!

I am not ok with this. Worse experience I have ever had with any kind of service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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You probably were under contract. New equipment purchase can renew your contract.

What both dish and direct tv do is sign you up for a 12 month contract price the contract runs up to 3 years most are 24 months. The last 12 months are at full price. If you cancel they normally charge around 20 to 25 per remaining per month.

If you don’t return certain parts off the dish you also get a 30 ish dollar charge. You will get sent to collections if you don’t pay and it will hurt your credit.

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