Charlotte, North Carolina
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If you move to another location where DirecTV is not available the contract is null and void and the cancellation fee does not apply as per the signed agreement.

I moved to a location that does not have DirecTV, The technicians came out and were unable to set up service. I called DirecTV to tell them. Technicians did not pass information to whom ever was responsible for canceling account. Called DirecTV to inform them of the situation, over an hour on the phone, a manager told me that he would take cancellation fee off my account.

Two months later call from collection agency....They wanted cancellation fee that was sold to collections. Called DirecTV back told them situation.

Now an email from DirecTV.... "I have reviewed your account and see that we were not able to get a line of sight due to landlord restrictions, (I DONT HAVE LANDLORD RESTRICTIONS) because the minimum programming requirements, DIRECTV would be unable to honor your request to waive the cancellation fee. We have reviewed the information you provided and we have found that your account reflects the correct amount due."

Does anyone know what "minimum programming requirements" are? This company will face Billing fraud charges sometime in my lifetime. This is not ethical and not Legal. Its puts you in a tough place, have an attorney deal with this and it costs more than the $300 cancellation fee.

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